Secret Blog 43

I have a marker board on my wall.  I hammered in some nails and hung it up about a week ago.  I have a list of things I’m working on on it.  I have it there very visable so I can remember what the heck I’m supposed to be working on.  It helps me stay focused.

These are the things I’m working on and in the order of priority:

1) Screenplay–  I have a Tupperware box that I’m collecting writings in.  I have an idea for a screenplay and I’m doing some prewriting to get my thoughts out.  I have a piece of graph paper on the top and I’ve drawn a box around 100 little squares.  My goal is to write 100 entries in preparation for the screenplay.  And every time I finish an entry I add it to the stack and grab a red marker and color in one of the 100 little squares.  I’ve got 13 filled in so far.  It isn’t tightly focused.  Some entries are about individual characters.  Some are about random situations that I think are interesting.  Some are asking questions to be answered in later entries.  Some are pictueres I’ve drawn of the characters and some scenes.  And then there are a few entries where I just talk about why I like movies and what my favorite things about movies are.  One entry is basically me answering the question “Why the heck do I think Lost is so awesome?”. 

This is my main project right now. 

2) Secret Blog Entries– My goal right now is to write 50 blog entries on my wordpress blog.  That’s what you’re reading right now.  This is number 43 so I’m getting pretty close.  I’ll probably finish this in a week and then I can erase this one from the list.  There’s a chance I might continue these later on but my goal is to just do fifty.  I am excited to have an exact ending that I’m working towards.  I’m usually afraid of endings because they are so important.  I don’t have any spectacular plans for the ending of this blog series.  It’ll just be what it is.  I’ve had fun doing them though. 

3) Bible Chapters–  There’s a pastor of a church in Minnesota named John Piper and I’m following him on twitter.  One day around the beginning of the year he posted a link to a webpage that you could print out and piece together as 4 seperate bookmarks.  It’s basically a Bible reading plan.  One bookmark goes in Genesis.  One goes in Psalms.  One goes in Matthew and the last one goes in Acts.  It has dates on it and what you should read each day.  I started it a few days late and now I’m about 2 months behind but it’s been good.  I’ve tried to read through the Bible before but I don’t normally get very far before I forget and get distracted.  This has been a good way for me to do it and stick with it.  I have to say though that the Old Testament sections are the hardest to read mainly because they are very boring to me right now.  I’m hoping that I’ll be able to finish the whole Bible and then reread it next year or something.  And I’m hoping that the Old Testament sections will make more sense then.

This should probably be my number one priority but to be honest it’s a lot easier for me to do than work on the screenplay.  I’m looking at my writing projects as my job right now.  I’m better at reading the Bible than writing a screenplay right now.  That’s why it’s number 3 instead of 1.  It makes me try harder to be regular with the screenplay writings.

4) Running–  I’ve talked about this before but I’m trying to run regularly.  I did this last year until the week of Thanksgiving when it just got too cold and gross outside.  I’m trying to get back into the swing of things but it’s coming at a bumpy pace.  

The other day I realized that my goal with running really isn’t to be able to run marathons or anything.  Running isn’t my main thing and I’m pretty sure it won’t ever be.  My main reason for running and exercising is to keep my body active because I spend a lot of the rest of my time sitting down reading and writing.  My running  is really  just there to keep me active and moving around so I don’t become completely sedentary.  Also, it’s nice to get my blood pumping a few times a week. 

I’d like to run longer as I go but the shape I’m in is always fluctuating.   I’m just not a natural runner I think.  I’m still trying though.

5) Guitar Time–  I write a lot of songs but to be honest, I don’t sit around and play guitar too much.  I’ve never thought of myself as much of a guitar player anyway.  I just know the basic chords and I try to be good with them.  So I’m trying to make time in my days for guitar playing.  More than anything this is just me picking up my guitar and fiddling around with it for about half an hour or so.  Sometimes I’ll practice songs I’ve written.  Sometimes I’ll try to learn some new songs.  Sometimes I’ll just strum around.  I’d like to improve my skills but it just takes time.  Guitar time.

6) New Musical Project–  I’m hoping to get a new computer with my tax refund money and my birthday money.  And if or when I do I would like to get back into recording new music.  I’ve been at a stand still for the last couple of weeks because the battery on my laptop quit working.  My Stepmother is being kind and letting me use her computer in the meantime and that’s how I’m able to write these blogs. 

I’m looking forward to being able to start on some new music because it’s always fun to do that.  In time I’d like to get some good recording software and better microphones.  That won’t be right away though.  I think I could make some really good home recordings if I had a few key pieces of equipment.  But I’m having to be patient for now.  

This is low on my priorites for now and it’s nice to focus on the movie idea.   But in month or two this one could get pushed up higher on the list.

7) Economics–  I checked out some c.d.s  from the library that are a series of lectures on economics from a guy in California.  It’s basically an economics class at a college.  I have never studied economics before so I’m listening through.  It’s pretty interesting.  I’ve listened to 3 so far and I don’t know if I’ll make it through all of them.  I think there’s 14.  I’m not trying to be an expert here.  I just thought it would be good to listen to.

8) Podcast–  Another thing I’d like to do when or if I get that new computer is start recording a podcast.  I’ve become a big podcast fan over the last year and it’s got me wanting to start one too.  I don’t have a lot of this fleshed out yet but I think I’ll at least have the technology to do it.   I don’t know if it will be very good.  I just think it would be fun.   I kinda want to just make it up as I go and talk about random things each time.   I think it would be neat to be able to do one per week.  I don’t think it would take a ton of time and it would be pretty cool.  Again, this is just an idea I have right now.  I’d like to do it but I’m not sure if it will actually happen.  Hopefully though.

Okay, that’s my list.  Gotta go run now..

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