Secret Blog 42

I’m a very introverted person.  I’m introverted even in how I live.  I am comfortable with staying indoors for days, weeks and even months at a time.  I do go outside every once in a while but I am pretty good at staying inside all day.  It’s been known to happen. 

I think it’s because there are so many things to do inside.  I feel like I can get a lot done.  I don’t do much outside except walk around.  And I don’t usually build things outside or play any sports outside.  I like looking out windows fine. 

I’m trying to figure out why I’m so into being indoors.  It seems like the wimpier way for a guy to be.  I think dudes are supposed to like being outside and being tough.  I like to be inside and sitting.  I wish there wasn’t so much to do while inside and sitting but that’s where most of my richest life experiences happen.  And that is probably sad but it’s true.  I know that there was a time when I thought I could travel the world and see all kinds of things in real life.  But then I realized that the most realistic way for me to get to travel would be by looking at a TV or reading a book.  It’s easier and cheaper to imagine places than to actually go to them.  And not that I wouldn’t like to travel.  It’s just that it’s kind of expensive and it more than likely won’t happen much in my life. 

And that’s okay with me because my sitting-down-inside-while-exploring-the-world skills have been able to evolve quite a bit over the years.  I know how to use a computer and google stuff.  I know how to read newspapers and map books.  I’ve become an incredibly efficient still person.  I can do more while being still than some people can do while moving.  And the more time I spend being still it seems like the more stuff I think of that I can do while only being in one place and sitting down.  It’s like I’m getting even better at being still than I used to be.  And that’s almost unbelievable. 

I could write about anything while sitting very still indoors somewhere and my mind could travel anywhere.  I could go to different time periods.  I could go to different countries.  I could shrink down to the size of a dime and see what life would be like if I was really small.  It’s like, the stiller I am the more I am able to do.  Wow.  That makes me want to jump up and down in celebration but at the same time I’m afraid that jumping up and down would take away from my sitting-down-and-experiencing-a-richer-life time.  Maybe later when I’m already standing up and on my way to another chair or cushy sort of sitting thing.

What’s amazing too, and what might prove my point. is that whoever is reading this, even if they think what I’m saying is dumb, had to be still to read it.  And that’s just how it goes.  I mean, you can argue against it but being still is such a huge part of life. 

Let’s hear it for being still. 

And see how still you can be while celebrating (as a dare).

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