Secret Blog 41

I’ve had a few thoughts on blog writing.

– I like blogging but I don’t seem to want to do it at all hours of the day or night and when I do blog, I have to make myself do it about 90 percent of the time.  Meaning that it very rarely happens on a whim.  Every once in a while I’ll have something burning in me to tell the internet but that’s slowing down a little.  I’ve gotta be disciplined to really do it.

–  I don’t think I feel right posting links from twitter and facebook every time I update my blog.  There, I said it.  But yeah, I don’t think of what I write on my blog as very important to the well-being of the world or even the well-being of many of my friends.  I seem to like the idea of people discovering it on their own time and at their own pace.

– In a lot of ways I think of blog writing as lazy book writing.  Most of the entries are similar to what I would write in books if I had the commitment to write and finish books and remember to share them with other people.  It’s real convenient to be sitting in the living room and suddenly have a few random and not-necessarily-important thoughts to add to the collection.  I’ve tried to not talk about blogging while I blog so maybe the entries could be used easier later on but… sometimes it’s just fun to talk about blogging.  Yeah.

– I personally think blogging is dumb most of the time.  If I am completely honest with myself I know that a big reason I blog is because I like to write but I haven’t mustered the courage to try to get anything published.  I’ve accepted blogging as a peaceful in-between-place.  There isn’t any pressure really.  And I like that.  I can talk as much or as little as I want to.  And I think the casual nature of blogging can effect what a person writes.  It’s more like just talking to somebody normally.  No real pretension.  I like that too.

– I think having a blog is a good thing for a writer.  Maybe the best thing.  It’s good practice and experience.  It’s cliche but it’s true, you learn to write by writing.  I think Nike could make writing commercials and keep their “Just Do It” slogan.  Don’t ask me what sort of shoes they’d make for writers because I myself am normally either barefoot or wearing holey socks.  I’m just saying that writing, more than anything else I think, is deciding to put the pen to the paper or the fingers to the keyboard and then writing.  It’s simple but the doing is the hardest part.

– I enjoy the creative elasticity of blogging.  And let me explain that.  I like how each entry can be completely different from the one before it.  I like how one can be very personal and the next might be just a bunch of blunt facts.  I do think that my writing style lends itself to more personal blogging but that doesn’t mean I have to do it like that.  I guess I do think of that kind of writing as more interesting.  I like to imagine that I’m stuck in a long car ride with the reader and I have to keep talking to keep it interesting.  And in this situation I get myself to believe that the listener is extra extra fascinated with what I have to say.  And that’s really charming to me because in real life I’m actually a pretty boring and monotone guy.  When I write I get to pretend like I’m fascinating.  It’s great!

– I am extremely comforted with the fact that most people don’t read my blog or would ever read it.  What a relief that is!  Strangely, I think I feel better with the thought that nobody cares than if a lot of people really cared.  That would freak me out!  I’m totally cool with being a boring dude to most people.  I’ve developed a deep peace about that.  And I seem to be up for doing anything to maintain the low intensity of bland-but-persistant writing.  Ahh…. music to my ears…

– I think a blog is what you make of it.  You can get on the internet and say anything you want to.  The possiblities of that never cease to amaze me.  And like the Bible verse says, you can tell what’s inside a person by what comes out of their mouth.  I know for a fact that having a blog can be an incredibly embarassing thing for a person.  But it can also be a fun blessing.  I try to keep a good attitude about it though I can bitch and moan like anybody.  One of my goals with my Secret Blog has been to just let them be.  I don’t want to edit myself much past spelling and basics.  If my writing is poor one day than it’s just gonna be poor.  And I think that’s been good because the fact of the matter is that every writer is a human and the best writing is the stuff that remembers that, in my opinion.  The imperfections end up being the more special parts.  And I’ve been hoping to keep those parts in this blog.

Okay.  Blog out.

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