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Alright.  I have a movie idea. It’s for Gremlins 3.  I don’t think they’ve made that movie yet.  I’ll check the interweb after I post this.  For now I am naive. 

I rented Gremlins 2: The New Batch yesterday and I watched it with the director’s commentary.  The first Gremlins was set in a small town.  The second one was set in New York City.  Well, it’s supposed to be New York City.  Really, it mostly all happens in one giant building.  They said they did it this way because it was a lot easier and less expensive than having the gremins run around and cause havoc  in the actual city.  The building was really a set in Hollywood.  A very big set.

Okay.  In the first movie Gizmo gets wet and other Gizmos multiply from him.  And then those Gizmos turn into the gremlins.  And I don’t remember if the other pre-gremlined Gizmos had individual personalities or not.  BUT, in the second movie the new batch of Gizmos already have mean, gremlin-like personalities.  They are little and cute and furry but they are already behaving like gremlins.  So this gave me an idea.  What if in the next movie Gizmo himself has to turn into a gremlin?

See, if we go by the logic of Gremlins 2 that the gizmos retain their gizmo personalities when they turn into gremlins, wouldn’t Gizmo himself retain his basically good personality?  This would be an interesting twist in my opinion.  Wouldn’t it be cool to see a scary-looking gremlin who is in fact a good guy?  It would make you confused because you would suddenly be rooting for a Gremlin.  Oh my.

I know one of the main problems with this would be that Gizmo couldn’t turn back into a gizmo.  I don’t know how it works well enough.  Basically, once he goes gremlin he can’t go back.  So that would be part of the tragedy.  At the same time, if he ends up dying at the end and they kill off all of the other gremlins, then that would be the end of the gremlins all together.  Hmm…

I like the idea of a Gizmo-gremlin.  It would be interesting to see a good gremlin.  Maybe he would fight the other gremlins.  They said on the commentary for the second movie that a third Gremlins movie would be a million times easier because of advancements in technology.  If they made the Gremlins-in-New-York movie now they wouldn’t be confined to one building.  They could go all over the place. 

Maybe a Gremlins 3 movie could happen in a bunch of places.  Like what if they covered all of America and people from coast to coast had to unite to fight off the gremlins?  It could be a really inspiring movie that’s like a metaphor for patriotism or something.  Of course at some point in the movie Gizmo has to be forced to make a choice to leave his furry life to become a Gremlin since it’s the only way he can truly fight the enemy.  It would be like a coming of age story for Gizmo.  And then after he becomes a Gremlin he has to deal with the reality of his decision because being a Gremlin would come with it’s own challenges and difficulties.  Like, how would he deal with being such a hated creature in America?  I mean, at his heart he would be good and try to do right in the fight against the gremlins but what about the reality he is faced with every time he looks in the mirror?  That he himself is a gremlin.  Maybe he thinks that he is turning gremlin to be able to fight the gremlins himself but in the process gains a love for his “people” and decides that instead of killing them off he will try to appeal to the goodness in them too and try to inspire positive change in gremlin culture.   And it sounds crazy but the other gremlins end up listening to him because he’s “one of them”.  It’s the positive social reform Gremlin movie.   And after a few hundred years gremlins are looked at as helpful peices of society.  And Gizmo-Gremlin is remembered as a true American with his face put on the 3 dollar bill. 

And this would secretly be a marketing tool because “3 Dollar” bill would get into the public’s mind so when it is announced that the movie will also be in 3 D… it just makes a weird amount of sense.  And the whole world goes the to theaters to see what happens…  how Gizmo saves the world.  First, a small town… then, a large city… now… the world!

It could work.

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