Secret Blog 37

Hey, I just wanted to let everybody know that I won’t be blogging today.  I’ve got some stuff going on and I’m looking at my schedule and I just don’t think I can fit it in.  Hopefully I’ll be able to get back to it tomarrow.  And huge appologies to any of my readers who might be upset that there isn’t any new content today.  It isn’t easy to keep making stuff up, you know.  A guy’s gotta rest sometimes. 

Speaking of resting I slept until 9 PM last night.  And that was only a few hours ago.   That might be one of the weirdest sleeping times I’ve had.  I went to bed about noon.  So I guess I overslept. 

I’ve got some stuff going on but not things that are ready to be blogged about just yet.  I’ve gotta keep them on the down low before I make any official announcements.  So please be patient and cool about this.  Thanx.

I have decided to only drink decaff coffee in the middle of the night.  Drinking regular coffee at 3 in the morning doesn’t make sense to me even if I’m being a nocturnal person.  Maybe it’s out of respect for the night time and what it is supposed to mean.  I don’t know.

I don’t think I will always sleep during the daytime but for now it’s been pretty enjoyable.  It’s fun to be awake in the middle of the night and know that everybody else is asleep.  It makes me feel like I’m beating everybody to the day.  Of course what ends up happening is I go to sleep during the day and then I’ve gotta catch back up on the other end.  I mean, I get ahead but when I sleep I just get behind again.  But that’s when all the day people are awake and they don’t feel ahead of the night people.  They don’t even think about the night people.  They are just regular people, you know?  Does this make any sense?  ‘Cuz I can’t remember what I’m talking about suddenly.

This hasn’t been the most productive night for me yet.  Maybe I should do more with my life.  Hmm… that thought always scares me because it seems very easy to get busier.  It’s infinitely harder to thin out your schedule.  I’ve been glad lately to be able to put some good focus to my writing.  That always makes me feel good.  Of course it also means that I stay inside the house for days at a time…  Hmm again..

I keep having to turn down invitations for things to do.  I really have been scared lately of making too many plans.  Writing is a main priority for me and I know how easily distractable I can be when I’m not careful.  I’ve been trying to keep far away from everybody so that I don’t even have to say “no” to any invitations.  If people don’t see you or think of you they don’t ask anything from you and you can blog as much as you want to.

Again, I’m very sorry that I wasn’t able to blog today.  It wasn’t my intention.  It’s just the way the cookie happened to crumble today.  But don’t worry.  I’ll get back to it tomarrow hopefully. 


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