Secret Blog 35

I’m getting some money back from taxes.  I’m getting a lot more than I thought I would.  I think I’m going to try to get a new computer with it.  I’ve been using an ibook G4 which I got refurbished.  That’s an Apple laptop.  It was my first Apple computer (and my first personal computer too).  I’ve been very happy with it but the battery went out recently.  It got me thinking of a new computer (even though I know that replacing the battery would be a lot cheaper..).  

At first I was looking at the newer macbooks.  My thing is that I know I will be doing some music recording and word processing on it.  And I would like to do some video editing eventually (though I’m a little ways off on that one).  Anyway, to do a lot of that I knew I was going to need something with more power and harddrive space than the G4.  I did some research and found that I could get an iMac desktop computer for about the same price as a macbook and it would have twice as much power and space.  So basically my decision came down to if I wanted to keep being portable or have to stay in one place but be able to do more.

I decided that the desktop computer was the better option for me for now.  I’d like to get some good audio recording software and equipment for the new thing.  I’ve been learning quite a bit by recording regularly on my laptop over the last couple of years.  Being able to push it more and get a better sound would be great.  I’ve realized that I enjoy producing my own projects.  And I don’t know if it makes them better in the long run but it makes me better.  I like throwing myself into my own recordings because I have to learn for myself how to make them sound good.  And I’m still pretty amateur.   Or… there’s a lot of room for growth.  Let’s just say that.

It’s fun to work on my own music because I can make mistakes all over the place and make things that just sound aweful but I seem to still like the recordings because I know that I’m getting something substantial out of them.   I’d like to make music that sounds bigger and fuller though. 

I have another option that I’ve been thinking about too.  I’ve been considering getting an iPad.  That’s what I might do if I can’t get enough cash together for an iMac.  They come out this weekend (I think).  When I first looked at them I didn’t think it would be a good idea to get one because of my recording hopes but after I read some stuff I started thinking an iPad could be helpful and fun in a lot of different ways that I wasn’t planning for.  I realized that I might not use it for my original reasons but I can see myself using an iPad on a daily basis for other things.  I think it would be a bunch of fun to play around with one of those.  They are developing so many new apps for it.  And I don’t have much experience with iPhone apps but I know they have improved on a lot of those for the iPad. 

I found that they have some screenwriting apps and some cool music making apps that would be fun to play around with.  Still, I fear that if I got an iPad it might be more for the toyness of it than for the practicality.   I would like to see what surfing the web is like on an iPad.  I know that I would make full use of that part for sure.

I am going to be patient and maybe try to fiddle with somebody else’s iPad before I make me final decision on what I’m gonna get. 

Hmm… such tough choices..

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