Secret Blog 34

I may have mentioned this before but I did a lot of running last year.  It might not have been much for a runner but for me it was pretty impressive.  I ran 3 to 4 miles about 3 times a week through the summer until the week of Thanksgiving when I fell out of the habit because the weather just got too difficult to work with.

I’m trying to get back into it now.  I’ve been trying to go on walks.  And I haven’t been completely consistent but pretty good.

Tonight I decided to start running again.  But I’m not going to dive into it because I’ve slipped out of the shape I was in in November.  I did some intervals.  That’s when you run a little ways and then walk and then run again and then walk again.  I read on the internet that it’s a good way to build up your strength.  I think it was a good thing for me right now because I didn’t destroy myself but I did get my blood pumping more than usual.

There are two paths I go on that are within walking distance of the house.  One is a complete mile loop that goes around a man made lake thing.  The other is a little closer and it’s a 3/8 of a mile loop.  I did the math and if I go around 8 times then it equals 3 miles.  I ran at both of these parks pretty regularly last year.  I would normally take my ipod with me and listen to a podcast.  That was a good way to have something to think about and measure my time too.  I could hit ‘play’ right as I started and know how long I’d run for.

As I was looping the path today I was trying to formulate in my mind a plan for how I could keep regular again.  It’s not that hard to run.  The hardest part really is just leaving the house.  Once you get outside it’s like you’ve already started.  And then the challenge becomes sticking with it.  I was proud of myself because I’ve never been much of a runner but I was learning how to stick to my goals and above all be realistic about them.  That was my biggest problem for a long time.  I’d start running and get burned out because I’d push myself more than my body was ready to go.  So I had all of these bad running memories of feeling miserable and wanting to barf. 

I realized that it never gets like that if you just pace yourself and be realistic about what shape you’re in.  Also, I wasn’t trying to run any marathons (though I definitely think it would be neat to try someday).  I just wanted to be in decent shape and feel healthy.  It really doesn’t take much effort to just to get a basic work out.  After I got used to it I got a lot of enjoyment out of it.  It’s nice to have a time during the day when you can go off alone and exercise and think.   It was exciting to me that it didn’t just help me physically but it helped my mind too.  Running gives you a lot of confidence.  You feel good about yourself because you’re treating yourself well.  And it gives you a good positive momentum that bleeds into the rest of your life too. 

Since I do a lot of writing I end up spending large chunks of my day sitting down at a computer or notebook and not moving around much.  Tonight when I was running I could feel my blood pumping all over my body.  And it felt good.  I didn’t push myself to heart attack-level or anything. 

I am pretty good at pacing myself these days.  I don’t like being overwhelmed because it ends up throwing the whole thing off for me.  I think I require slow and diliberate, realistic steps.  I don’t know why.  I can move at a snail pace but I try to keep moving.  That’s my trick.  Just moving is a big deal for a lot of people as weird as it sounds. 

I don’t want to get too ahead of myself with my goals right now because I probably won’t reach them.  More than anything I want to get back in the habit of running regularly. 

Blog out.

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