Secret Blog 31

Music might be the best thing there is.  I love how much life a well made c.d. can put into a dull room.  It seems impossible what music does. It’s almost like magic or some special power. 

I like bright, spacey sounds.  I like when music has a mysterious texture to it where you don’t know exactly what you’re hearing.  I like when it sounds like a cartoon or like if you could touch the sounds and they would feel sticky or fuzzy (or bubbly).  I like music when it sounds like something from another world or from the future.  I like color and character in music.  There.  I said it.

I still don’t get how music works.  You put it where there’s people and suddenly another universe exists.  Music seems like such a natural and human thing to make.  Are there other animals that make music?

I don’t think so.

I want to get a new computer.  I may have already said this.  I want to get something with some real power.  And then I want to get some good microphones and headphones.  I have some already but I want some better ones.  I want to have a drum machine and a synthesizer.  I have this dream of how to make some music with a cool vibe to it.  I want to make something that sounds better than my latest recordings (Artyfacts and Digital Dreams).  I want to learn how to do it by myself.  I think I could make some neat stuff.

I don’t think I’ll ever be a band person or much of a performer.  Just a home studio/internet person.  Bands are fun but frustrating because you have to call a meeting every time you make a decision and they always make me feel like I’m going 5 miles when I know that I can go about 150 when I’m working alone. I can get into a zone and make whole records almost in the time it takes to set up one rehearsal and try to teach everybody one song. 

I like performing sometimes but performing when I don’t want to makes me feel the insanity coming on.  I can’t stand how fickle crowds are.  I don’t like trying to read crowds and having to react to them.  Sometimes it’s fun but most of the time it’s just nervewracking and stressful to me.  Crowds make me angry and irritated.  I’ll want to make them feel happy but then I’ll get sick of it and try to think of ways I can bother them.  And that’s probably poor showmanship.

Writing in a room all alone is the same yesterday, today and forever.  I can really rest in a consistant and predictable creative environment.   I never want to jump off bridges when I’m writing alone.  It’s such a nice feeling. 

Concentrating is great.

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