Secret Blog 26

I’d like to make it to number 30 tonight.  I think I can do it.  I’m starting my blogging early tonight.  Right now it’s 11:43 PM.  My writing time lately is the middle of the night but usually I don’t get going until about 3 AM.  My bedtime has been around 7 AM.  In fact, I woke up today at 6 PM (which is late for me). 

I’ve hit a lag but I think I can catch up.  My goal is to post at least one blog a day but I’m allowed do more if I’m feeling it.  And I think I’m feeling it right now.  It’s nice to have a whole 6 or 7 hours in front of me that I can dedicate to my writing.  Of course I won’t be writing the whole time.  I’ll take a couple of breaks.  I know I’ll go watch an episode of The Office I recorded tonight.  And I also recorded a Biography episode about John Candy.  That’s what I’ll be doing between blogs.

Yesterday was a new episode of Lost so I spent quite a few hours in the night reading a bunch of blogs and listening to a couple pocasts about the show.  I came very late to the Lost party.   In fact I never watched an episode until this January when I decided to check out the first season from the library.    I told myself that I would turn on the first episode and leave it on as long I felt like it.  I had very low hopes to tell you the truth.

Well, to put it mildly I got hooked and I’ve watched every single episode since then.  And seriously, that’s a lot of TV.  Over 100 40 minute episode in just a couple of months.   When I started the first season I didn’t think I’d be able to catch up to the sixth season (the one that’s on right now).  But my dad and stepmother got hooked too so we just went season by season. She just had knee surgery and he was taking time off to help her.  It just so happened that we got our Lost addicitions the same week.  We would wake up at about 8 and start going through d.v.d.s and continue this until about 10 at night.  I’m not kidding.  I think every single one of us had dreams about Lost each night.  And I kept waking up and thinking, “Surely they’re not going to want to watch more Lost today.”   And then we’d make some coffee and dive right in again.   We were talking about it yesterday and we all agree that it was a crazy week that could never ever be repeated.  I don’t think we’d be up for it.  But it was definitely fun while it lasted.

Yeah, so I spend Tuesday night reading all about the newest Lost episode on the internet.  I didn’t get any blog work done completely for this reason.  Seriously, that’s my only excuse.  

And today I got out of bed at 6 PM.  I walked into the living room and my dad already had The History Channel on (which is pretty much the daily signal that the house has reached the end of the day).  There was a storm going so it was extra dark outside and I was stuck inside.  I was wanting to go on a walk but that didn’t happen.   I watched a Biography about Rodney Dangerfield with my dad.  I didn’t think I would be so inspired by him but gosh I was.  He didn’t get famous until he was in his forties and he didn’t hit his peak until he was in his sixties at least.  He was such a strange and unique comedian who always talked about how he didn’t get any respect but listening to the comments made from all the people who new him, they seemed to have nothing but respect for him. 

I remember seeing Rodney Dangerfield as a kid and thinking he wasn’t very funny but now I know that I just didn’t get it.  He was hilarious.  And his jokes were extremely clever.  He had an image like he was just making it up as he went but in fact he would sit down for hours and hours just writing jokes.  He made it look so easy.  People really adored him.

After the Biography episode I borrowed my dad’s truck and drove to Starbucks to get a New York Times before they closed.  I kept wanting to read a newspaper.  And not on the internet.  I still haven’t got to it et but that’s probably another thing I’ll do. 

I like The New York Times.  It’s great journalism.  I wish I had a subscription because I would always know everything that was going on in the world.  I can’t say that I’m fascinated with every story I read but I’m always glad at the integrity of the reporting.  It’s funny to say that.  It makes me feel like an old man.  I used to not care about journalism but I think I’ve watched enough Entertainment Tonight to know that there’s tabloid journalism and then there’s real journalism (that doesn’t just talk about who’s dating who and who’s real fat now).  The New York Times gives me hope for journalism.  It seems like the standard to me and I honestly feel like reading it makes me a better writer.   I wish I could read it more.

Okay.  I’m cashed.  More soon.

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