Secret Blog 25

Alright.  This is another live blog.  This one isn’t coming out of a notebook but it’s getting typed straight to the internet.  I haven’t figured out which is better.  Sometimes I like to write and keep it to myself for a day or so.  Right now I just wanna write another blog real quick before I forget.

I was thinking today about how unnatural it is for me to write.  I do it every day so it seems easy at this point but that’s only because I’ve worked at it for years.  The only reason I started writing was because I like talking.  It’s the best way to catch it I think.

I have an idea to start a podcast.  I can’t do it right now because my computer is down (I’m borrowing one).  I’m going to try to get a new one soon with my tax refund money.  I did some research and I don’t think it would be too hard to get something up on itunes.  I don’t know what it will be about.  I kinda like the idea of making it up as I go.  I think it would be very similar to my blog in a way.  Podcasting really is just audible blogging.  It would be neat to be able to do it once a week.  I got a microphone recently so I could use that.

I am trying to think of what the theme would be.  I don’t have a certain topic that I always talk about.  Writing is probably the closest thing I have to a topic.  A lot of podcasts are focused on a topic like Indie Music or New Movies or Poitics or something.  I think mine would be more like random commentary on things.  That seems to be what I’m best at.  Maybe I could talk about music or books I’m reading.

I thought of an interesting way to record it.  I think it would be fun to make it in segments.  Like I could talk about one thing for about five minutes and then hit stop.  Then when I thought about something else I could start recording again.  And then hit stop.  And then record some more later.  Most podcasts are around 40 to 50 minutes.  And most of them have guests who are interviewed.

What I like about podcasts is that they’re free and they are made by individuals so often you feel like you’re just listening to one person’s opinions and not some big company’s.  I think it makes the podcasts seem more down-to-Earth like a casual conversation you might have with person if you were just hanging out.

Right now I’m not sure if I would have any guests.  Maybe every once in a while.  I’d have to get another microphone.   I do think it would be cool to play music sometimes.  Maybe one song per podcast.  I could talk about the songs a little. 

I think it would be fun if the content was really random.  Maybe one episode would be humorous and light and the next would be more serious.  And maybe I could perform science experiments sometimes.   Hmm..  that might not work very well on just audio.  Maybe I could do a video podcast too sometimes.   I’d need to get a video camera.

Hmm… this is just something I’m thinking about so don’t get upset if it doesn’t happen or if it doesn’t happen for a long time.  I just think it would be a lot of fun.

 Okay.  That’s it for this one.

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