Secret Blog 24

I’ve been feeling very introverted today though I’ve been around people.  I kept wanting to sneak off and be alone.  I am extremely comforted by alone time lately.  When you’re alone you don’t have to perform or treat anybody special.  That might make me sound mean.  I do get tired when I feel like I have to treat people a certain way.  Some people seem to require so much special attention.  It’s like you have to change the tone of your voice to sound kinder and if you aren’t the nicest person ever they think you’re an ass.  I try to treat most people the same.  Of course my family and close friends get my best attention.  Most everybody else don’t get any.

I’m sure I was talking about this in another entry somewhere.  I’m talking about writing as work.  I have a thing where if I’m not writing it’s like I’m not putting my hours in at my job.  Because that’s what it is anyway.  I just wish I made money at this job right now.

It’s so easy to make excuses about how you spend your time when you are a writer.  Pretty much anything can be considered research.  It isn’t hard to justify watching TV and listening to music.  Heck, I can be feeling very lazy and tell myself that I am in fact researching laziness for my writing.  That’s probably why I’m so good at talking about how lazy I am.

The thing about distractions is that there are so many of them.  A TV can be on in the other room and even if you can’t see it you will probably still be watching it somehow.  Your mind will be partly engaged.  TV’s have an effect on you where you just want to sit down and get comfortable and forget about everything else.  Just try to go into a room where a TV is on at a regular volume and try not to watch it.  It’s nearly impossible.  Now try to think of doing anything else while it’s noise is filling the air.  Not easy.

But gosh, anything can be distracting.  TV is just the most obvious thing.  A mess in the house.  People talking.  I think the times that people are the most annoying is when they are talking to you and all you can think of are the million things you could be doing with your time instead of listening to them.  I know most people would say it’s rude to not listen to people.  I say quit standing there talking and go get something done!  Maybe that’s bad advice.  I don’t know.  I’m not trying to inspire any humanitarians really.  Just writers probably. 


Oh well.

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