Secret Blog 23

I think I have a certain bit of complaining in me every day.  I don’t know if it’s useful.  I have to pee and I have to whine.  That’s how I work.  Sometimes that stuff can come in handy in surprising ways.  But mostly it doesn’t.  Normally me whining just means that I’m hungry.  I used to think I was sooo moody.  But mostly I just get hungry.

I hope that’s all it is because I’m in a mood today, man.

Okay.  This is funny.  See, it’s the afternoon right now.  I’m sitting in my room trying to write but there’s a lot of other stuff happening in this house so it’s not the quietest place in the world.  I was writing a sentence a minute ago and I got distracted because I could hear people talking in the other room.  So the sentence ended up fizzling out.

I put my hands up to my ears to block out the sound and that made me think of those big ear cover headphones what construction workers use.  You know what I mean?  They look like giant headphones but they aren’t connected to anything.

Anyway, I went and asked my dad if he had any of those things and he actually did.  So now I’m testing it out as I write this. 

So far so good.

I’ll get frustrated sometimes because I’ll have time to write but I can’t concentrate bacause the TV is on in the next room or something is happening.  I think these headphones will come in very helpful.  They’re like blinders for my ears.

It seems geeky to do stuff like this but it really is just another tool.  I think one of the hardest things about writing is getting past the distractions.  But I can sit in a library and still get distracted.  It seems as if every sound I hear kicks my brain into fifth gear and there isn’t much hope for me after that.  So much of writing is focusing your attention so you’ll actually do it.  And I have A.D.D. in my head (these headphones make it more like just A.D.).  I probably don’t look like it from the outside but inside my brain there are always a few things spinning around.  The worst thing is when you have time and pens and paper and a desire to write but you can’t get anything done because there’s a drippy faucet in the other room or a chirpy bird outside the window.

Silence isn’t easy to find.  Especially in a house. 

I can already feel myself concentrating better.

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