Secret Blog 22

The third dream… maybe it took place after the second dream.  I don’t know.  It wasn’t a bus anymore.  It was at an old church in the middle of a busy city.  It might have been the place where the bus was headed in the previous dream but I have no way of knowing for sure.  It wasn’t erratic.  This dream was very peaceful, like wherever I was at was a very safe place.

The church was filled with people but again, mostly young people.  Youth group age.  12-18.  And when I walked in I ran into 2 of my old roommates from college.  Jared and Jeremy.  They were hanging out and working with the kids and seemed to be in good moods which was comforting after the previous dreams.  We talked for a little while but I don’t remember what it was about.  I think we were just catching up.  And I think the kids were all getting tired and we were trying to get them to go to sleep.

And suddenly that part of the dream was over and I was with my cousin Rusty and I think we were in a video game.  I think we were in a game like Super Mario Galaxy where everything is big and colorful and 3D and bouncy.  And we jumped in this car that looked like that cartoon car on Roger Rabbit (only it didn’t talk and it was different colors).  And the car could bounce on it’s tires like 30 feet into the air.  I think the car was a power up in the game.  Like, we found special mushrooms and we were suddenly in the car bouncing around.

He was steering and I was in the passenger seat but I was telling him what to do (see, we used to always play video games when we were kids.  Actually, he always played video games and I always watched him and told him what to do).

So we were bouncing around and… I don’t remember what happened after that.  I don’t think anything happened.  So I was awake. 

And then I grabbed by notebook so I could write all this stuff down.

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