Secret Blog 21

The second and third dream happened after I got back to sleep at around 6 this morning.  One happened in the first half of my sleeping time and the other in the second half.

In the first of the two I was again with some travelling people.  These were missionaries.  We were travelling in a bus somewhere far away and trying to tell people about Jesus. 

It was a big, school bus-sized bus and it was white and it was pretty full of kids.  I think it might have been a youth group.  I don’t remember talking to the kids much but they seemed young.

And I think we had just come from a place where our message had been well-recieved so we were all feeling happy.

But then suddenly we started to get attacked by people outside.  I think we must have been doing missionary work in a terrorist country because they were very pissed at us.  But it was also like an action movie in a way.  I was in the back of the bus but then I knew I had to try to save everybody so I switched into Keanu Reeves Mode. 

“You kids stay here!  I’m going to the front of the bus!”  So they stayed and prayed in groups and I ran up to the front.  And we were going pretty fast but the attackers must have been in busses on either side because they were hitting us with something.  And I can’t remember what it was but I think it was metal.

Well, we travelled like that for a while on a bright highway somewhere, fending off the attacks.

Then a girl in the bus looked up from her prayers and said that (the person in my previous dream who is friends with some of my facebook friends) was going to come and save us.  “Whaaaat?!”  I said.

Then suddenly that girl (yeah, it’s a girl) jumped off the hood of a car driving next to us and onto the hood of our bus.  And she was like an angel somehow.  She was shining brightly and even though the bus was travelling at a high speed it didn’t seem to faze her.

And I guess she helped us.

Because I woke up right after that.  And I didn’t open my eyes.  And I think I was awake for only about 3 yawny seconds.

And then I fell asleep again.

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