Secret Blog 18

Well, the battery on my computer has putted out.  That means a few things.

1) I won’t be able to update my wordpress blog as often as I was hoping to.

2) That I’ll definitely be writing this blog in a notebook.

3) That I won’t be able to check my twitter and facebook pages constantly all day long.

4) That I won’t be able to write in Celtx (the screenwriting software I mentioned in a previous blog) and if I want to do screenplay work I’m going to have to do it by hand for now (which isn’t too big of a deal to me really)

5) I won’t be able to record any music unless I figure out some other method.

I don’t think this will be an aweful thing, honestly.  I’ve been joined at the hip to my computer for a while and every time something goes whacky with it I get the chance to spend my time on other things and that’s always refreshing in it’s own way. 

A note on the Celtx loss:  Before downloading Celtx my screenwriting had frozen up for fear of having to change everything to get it to fit in the right format.  It was a wall.  But since then I’ve been able to get some hands on experience with doing the format the right way and I think I might be able to make do on notebook paper until I can type again.  Again, I think this can be a really good thing because writing by hand might be an easier way for me anyway. 


Maybe my next writing goal will be to not change the subject so often in my blog.  Maybe it’s not a big deal.  I can’t tell.  I fear the reader could get annoyed with all the herky jerky subject changing.  Hmm…  Maybe it’s a strength.


I keep getting random movie ideas from my dreams.  I’ve been paying such close attention to them on a nightly basis.  I’ll wake up and lay in bed just going back and forth with the details of the dreams in my head.

The one last night seemed especially interesting to me in a filmmaking way.  I wrote it out on the previous page of this notebook (the notebook I’m writing the first draft of this blog in).  I’ll have to change a few details but the feeling of the dream is what I’d like to try to hold onto.

Making movies scares me.  When I’m writing I’m alone and I don’t have to think about other people and the reality of the stories.   My ideas aren’t too fleshed out in a way.  Movie making requires interacting with people to try to get your ideas across.  Actors.  Camera people.  Producers.  I like people but trying to make everybody comfortable and happy is a tricky balancing act.  That stuff has nothing to do with story structure and character arcs and stuff.  You have to become a manager and communicate your ideas with people and keep them inspired.  That is tricky.

I don’t know why I think I can make a movie.  It’s really pretty unrealistic of me to assume I can. What will more than likely actually happen is I won’t finish scripting my ideas and I won’t show them to anybody.  The chances of that happening seems much higher.

Still, I can’t settle for that.  My method has always been to just keep moving, even if I am walking in circles most of the time.  There are a lot of thoughts that can get in your head that can make you want to stop writing.  You have to learn to ignore a lot of these if you’re ever going to finish anything.


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