Secret Blog 17

Getting pages done feels like burrowing under ground.  I think it’s because you normally write alone when nobody is looking.  It feels like a secret operation.  I guess it is.  I don’t know if I’ve told anyone about my secret blog yet.  I’m not sure if it’s being read or not.  Probably not because I don’t think this blog gets read much if I skip telling people on facebook and twitter when I’ve updated.

Oh, I was going to talk about The Office again and why I like it so much.  It might be obvious to anybody who’s seen the show that it’s hilarious but I think the style of its hilarity is so smart and different that it makes you appreciate it so much more.

I love that it’s set in an actual office building because that premise sounds terribly boring on the surface.  But the thing about the show is that the writers and the actors are so good that they make it highly watchable.  And it’s a challenging show because most of the characters are not initially very likable (other than Jim and Pam of course).  I find myself having such mixed emotions about Michael Scott.  He is an aweful man who is completely oblivious to himself.  And he seems to have the maturity of a 14 year old.  But every once in a while he’ll do something where you find yourself weirdly rooting for him.  Like you feel sorry for him.  Maybe he’s picking on his employees one minute and then his bosses are picking on him the next. 

I love the supporting characters.  Dwight and Andy are so fun to watch.  There’s a youtube video of Andy singing and I’ve seen that thing about 15 times now.  It’s amazing.  I just like the show.  I like the style of it.

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