Secret Blog 16

Okay.  I went to check out that sound.  I originally thought it had something to do with a couple of schools that are nearby but I don’t think that’s what it is.

I walked down the street trying to listen to it.  I bet I looked silly to anybody who might have seen me.  I followed the sound but as I did I realized that it was coming from all directions.  I heard it in the direction of the school but I could also hear it coming from the complete opposite direction. 

I’m starting to think it’s some sort of bird or other animal. I sat in the backyard for a few minutes and just listened.  I heard and saw several different birds and they all had different chirping sounds.  I’d occasionally hear the sound I was looking for.  It sounded like it was coming from the next backyard over.  I looked around but I didn’t see what the sound was coming from. 

I think that might have been enough investigative work for the day.

This makes me think about all the little sounds that are always going on.  You don’t sit and listen to them most of the time.  Right now I can hear the dryer in the utility room spinning my clothes around.  I can hear a clock ticking the seconds by.  I just heard another bird chirp.  There’s the pages of my notebook ruffling.  There’s a buzz to the fridge.  A dog just barked.  A kid outside is yelling at somebody.  I hear a windchime.  My neck just cracked.  Something outside just sounded like a firecracker or a skateboard banging the concrete.  The walls of the house just cracked.  Another bird.  A motorcycle somewhere.


I downloaded a free screenwriting software called Celtx the other day.  It puts your writing into screenplay format automatically.  It’s similar to Final Draft as far as what it does.  I’ve been trying to write a screenplay for a few years and the last wall I hit was that I was having too hard of a time trying to get things to lay out in screenplay format in Word.  You have to have a certain margin width and specific indentations for character names and dialogue and all that stuff.  It can be so frustrating trying to wing it.

Anyway, Celtx has been pretty great for me because it automatically puts everything where it’s supposed to go.  You just hit ‘tab’ or ‘enter’ basically.

Now I’m back to work on the script again.  I decided to make it a short film instead of 100 minutes or more.  The reason is that I’m finding it to be a lot harder than I thought it would be and a short film might be more realistic to where I’m at.  So it’s basically the first act of the story now.  And I think I’ve got it all written out somewhere in a plastic box.  I’ll just need to find it so I can type it out correctly.

But I’m also writing something else.  They say not to write a screenplay if you don’t know what’s going to happen in it but I think I’m going to try it anyway just to see if I can make something up as I go.  And this second thing I’m writing for practice because I’m still new at this format.  I’m just going to make up some random scenes and figure out how to write them.  I have the beginning of one started.  It’s nice to have something to work on that’s allowed to be stupid and bad.  It’s freeing.  I’ll get locked up trying to make something perfect.  This thing isn’t aiming that way anyway.  I just want to get used to writing scenes.  I think it will be good.

Okay.  Bye.

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