Secret Blog 15

This day I am in a sour mood.  I just feel low.  I don’t know if I have any good reason other than I just feel low.  If I had a good reason I think I’d feel better about myself.  I need to laugh about something.

Everything seems wrong.  The battery on my computer is dying so it only works for about 30 minutes at a time (so sad).  My body feels messed up because I tried to run last night.  I feel annoyed and like I need to be behind closed doors today.  And I am so that’s good.  

I lose interest in my writing projects as I go.  They start to feel pointless.  I’d like to persist with this one though.  I know it’s gotta be a different, quicker experience for the reader.  They can just skim through what takes me a little while to drag out.  The writer is feeling dull and sluggish at the moment.

This probably means something.  It probably means I need to change my plan of attack or shake things up somehow.  It feels so boring right now.  I mean, I think I should be quiet but I’m actually writing something so that feels good.  Hmm…

One thing I’m excited about is that Lost is on tonight.  It’s a new episode and it’s about Sawyer, who always gets good episodes.

I need to find something else to get excited about.  Hmm…

I’ve watched 37 of my recorded episodes of The Office.  That was keeping me happy for a little while.  I bet I sound so lame.  I probably sound like I just watch TV and get on the computer.  Well, maybe that is all I do but so what?  I like TV.  I like TV more right now than I did about a year ago.  I have my couple of shows.  Lost and The Office.  I also like Parks and Recreation.  I watch every episode of those shows and not a lot of everything else.  I don’t like getting into TV shows unless they’re good.  I can’t think of anything else I watch.

Wait.  30 Rock.  I like Tina Fey.  Right now I like The Office more than 30 Rock.  And Parks and Recreation is only on once a week whereas The Office is probably on five times a day.

I bet it’s on right now… I’m gonna go check…


Okay.  It is on right now.  And another episode starts in an hour and then there are 6 episodes on at 7.  Then another one at 10:30.  Yeah.  That show is on a lot.  I’m recording them all.


Maybe I should just make a list of all the things I do and don’t do each day..

Hold on.  Okay, that CB Radio sound is going on outside.  I’m gonna go investigate.

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