Secret Blog 14

Okay, I just had another dream.  This was a pretty short one.  I was on a team that was designing a video game based on the show The Office (the American version I think).  Not a lot happened during the dream.  It was in one of the more boring stages of development.  Nobody was talking or doing anything funny.  We were on our computers and mapping out the set of the show.  We were trying to get the measurements and the details right.  Like, Dwight’s desk has a can of pencils on this corner of the desk instead of that one.  We were looking at pictures from the show to make sure we were getting things right.  

I think after that we had these character scan things.  Or… they were models in the computers of what the characters were going to look like only they weren’t moving or anything.  We were trying to get the colors of the clothes right.

I wish my dream showed what the video game was actually like because I can’t imagine what you would do in a game based on The Office.  I remember having the feeling that it was going to be a really crappy game, like it was a horrible idea somebody with some money had and now all us lower level people were trying to make the best of it.

Seriously though, what would the plot of a game like that even be?  I wonder what character you would play as.  Would you just call people on the phone the whole game and try to sell paper?  Maybe you would get up from your desk and go get some coffee.  I played a C.S.I. game recently and that made more sense because you solved crimes just like on the show.

But a video game about The Office.  Hmm…

Oh yeah, I also heard that repeating CB Radio sound down the street again this morning.  It’s definitely outside and not in my wall or closet like I was thinking it might be.  Next time I hear it I’m going to put some shoes on and go check it out.  It’s time this matter is settled once and for all.

Also, I thought of something else just now.  This is about writing and not about The Office video game dream or that CB Radio sound down the street.  See, when I write things I’ll often run out of inspiration the moment I start to feel that nobody is going to care about whatever I’m writing.  As in, some stuff will be cool for people to hear but some stuff will just be boring.  And where that might be true in a way I think it ends up slowing me down on worthwhile material more than anything.  It’s just another excuse in my head.

So my thought is that somebody will listen to it.  I mean that when I get the feeling that what I’m writing is pointless and boring and everybody reading is probably starting to zone out, I should just keep writing.  Because whatever comes out after that point, even if I feel insecure and dumb about it, will be good to some people.  Maybe it’s what they need to hear.  And I’m a writer so I should just write.  When I myself read books they are usually hundreds of pages and one of the things that I am impressed with is how the author wrote that much.  But I myself can’t seem to get that far because I’m afraid of boring people.  That’s a silly fear for a writer.

So if I was going to put this thought into motto form it would be like, “Write for the people who are listening, not the ones who aren’t”.  I know for a fact that most people don’t listen to or care about anything I say and that’s fine.  That’s no surprise or anything.  But for me to believe that nobody cares is pretty unfair to the ones who really do like it, you know?  They might really enjoy it and have fun with it and for me to believe that my writing is stupid because a completely different group of people doesn’t like it, that itself is stupid.  Hmm…

I’m saying this more to psych myself up than anything.  I think this applies to all writers though.  So, if you are a writer maybe you should take my quote and put it on a plack next to your desk so you can get constant inspiration from it.  And don’t  worry, I won’t sue you.

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