Secret Blog 11

Okay I just had another dream that I’ll report on.  I just had it this morning so it’s kind of fresh in my mind.

Okay, somehow I got hooked up with this big group of people who make movies.  And by big I mean HUGE.  There were maybe 100 people.  And it was in this big log cabin building.  It was like camp where all the guys were in one side and the girls were in the other.   And during the day they would divide us into smaller teams and each team would go with a leader person to work on a movie.

So I was really excited because I wanted to learn a lot.  Our team (I found out) was filming a scene for a memorial documentary about King Richard that they were hoping would get picked up by a company who makes and distributes DVDs to gas stations all across the country.  

When I found that out I was pretty disappointed because it felt like a crappy thing to work on.  Still, I decided to make the best of it.  My team worked a long day on the film and went back to the camp.  

I was tired and just wanted to get some rest but since it was camp everybody was trying to hook up with each other, like the party had just begun.  Everybody had candy and they were playing party music. But I remember in my dream deciding that I didn’t come to movie camp to mingle but to learn so I went back to my bunk to study up for the next day’s filming (typical).  

One thing that kind of sucked is that since we all got back from filming at the same time we all had to pee at the same time.  So I was in this huge men’s restroom/locker room with about 20 urinals and they were all filled up with dudes peeing (why do I have dreams like this?).  It was so nasty and I was trying to hurry up.  And after I was done I wanted to take a shower but there were 20 other guys in the movie camp’s guy’s shower room so I decided to pass.

I remember going back to my bunk and being severely disappointed by my movie camp experience.   I guess it just wasn’t what I thought it would be from the brochure (as if I read about it in a brochure sometime before the dream happened [in dreamland]).

This is getting too deep.  What I was going to say is that I woke up pretty soon after this.  And I didn’t feel very invested in the dream so when I woke up it wasn’t an emotional thing like, “OH I’M SO GLAD IT WAS ONLY A DREAM!!!” or, “OH NO!! IT WAS ONLY A DREAM!!”  Instead, my first thought was something like, “Hmm, maybe I can write a blog about that one..”

I had another dream between this dream and the previous dream I talked about but I don’t know if I’ll ever get around to telling it.  I might sleep before I write the next blog and have a new one to tell.  You never know about these things.

Okay, bye.

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