Secret Blog 8

The last entry was short.  I was totally hoping to write some long thing but I guess I got distracted somehow.  I can’t remember what happened right now.

My writing style is interesting to me but also seems potentially puke inducing.  It is extreme self-centeredness trying desperately to pass itself off as art.  It’s commentary on a commentary.  How annoying, right?  I read something the other day where someone was talking about what it’s like to make things for audiences and how it’s more fun to make things that people either love or hate because the alternative is something that nobody even cares about.  I thought that was pretty good.  It comforted me about my self-obsessed writing style.  I remember when I was younger and “developing” my writing voice.  I listened to a lot of music and I realized that the most fascinating stuff (in my opinion) was first person.  Those were the songs I liked to listen to because I would easily be able to put myself in the singer’s shoes.

These days that’s one of the challenges I keep facing about songwriting.  I want to write songs that people can relate to and are interesting but I’m more and more wary to want to play a “relatable character” for people.  It creeps me out in a way.  The songs that are the most interesting to listen to are not always the ones you’d want to write and have to sing over and over again.  That’s one of my major weaknesses as a songwriter.  I don’t like singing the same song twice.  It feels derivative.  This is good in a way because it keeps me writing and reinventing things I say but then I go so quickly through songs that I can’t remember how to play or sing any of them.

Isn’t that a strange situation for a songwriter?  I sure think so.

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