This song was written just after I got a new USB microphone which had to be the day after Christmas (2009).  I just got back from Best Buy and hooked everything up to try it out.  It was actually a turning point in the making of Artyfacts because before it I was just writing songs off in many random directions.  After I wrote Somewhere I got a focus on what the record could be about.  The lyrics, “Let’s go somewhere where we won’t remember this” became a theme to build the album on.  I have written songs for sentimental reasons and to help people to remember but I suddenly realized that I could write songs about something I  would often rather do: forget.  I started to think about how music can be an escape to new things and then I tried to pull the rest of the material in that direction.

(I’m not going to repeat the chorus when I’m typing out the lyrics since it’s pretty obvious)


Where should I start?

What do you think about?

I’ll say something and

We’ll all feel the same

Some are happy and

Some are not so much

People are similar but

Sometimes very different

Hey, don’t you want to change?

Ever get so tired of your own face?

Well, let’s go somewhere where we won’t remember this

Many choices and

Many reminders

Have come here to live and

Some have died here

But what gives it value and

What gives it meaning 

And what is the difference between

Saying and singing?

It will be right

In a little time

You can cry

But only if you like to

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