Jeff Grant Fan Questionnaire

Please take a moment to answer the following questions as honestly as possible.  The results of this query will not be shared with any corporations.  The purpose of these questions is to help Jeff Grant have a better idea of who he might be singing to and how he might improve his artistic service to his fans.

Please leave your answers in a comment section somewhere or send them in email form to  No spam please.  

We appreciate your time and hope to improve every aspect of our musical relationship.

The Jeff Grant Team


1) I:  

(a) love music.  

(b) like music.  

(c) don’t care about music.  

(d) hate music.  

(e) don’t know what music is.

2)  I see Jeff Grant as:

(a) a serious and sincere artist.

(b) a singer of satirical songs.

(c) a fool, sadly committed to a life of making crappy music.  

(d) a modern day prophet.

(e) a slightly clever rhymer, but that’s it.

(f) the greatest singer-songwriter in the history of the world (for bonus points).

3) I like music that talks about religion.  Yes or no.  Elaborate if you’d like.

4) Jeff Grant’s songs:

(a) all sound the same.

(b) are strikingly original in thematic precision and sonic variety.

(c) should be made into movies.

(d) are okay if you are a musically tasteless teenager.

(e) should be sung in cathedrals in space.

5) My 3 favorite Jeff Grant albums (in order of enjoyment) are (and elaboration is welcome)…

6) What are 3 nice things you would say about Jeff Grant’s music?

7) What are 3 mean things you would say about Jeff Grant’s music?

8) If Jeff Grant’s music was turned into a TV show, would you purchase products that were advertised during the commercial breaks?

9) After Jeff Grant, my 4 favorite artists are…

10) My favorite color is Jeff Grant.  (true of false)

Bonus Question:  

The Jeff Grant Team is probably doing this survey:

(a) for completely legit and respectable reasons.

(b) for no reason.

(c) as a joke.

(d) as a desperate plea for attention.

(e) to make this world a better place.

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