What I’ve Learned From Not Working

1.  Not working is the greatest thing in the world.  

2.  I am a completely dependent person right now but I will always be.  If my dad and stepmother didn’t let me stay at their house and eat some of their food I would have starved to death a long time ago.  This is the main awful thing about not working.

3.  I have absolutely zero sentimentality about any previous work experiences.  I don’t miss a millisecond of putting all of my time towards the betterment of any company.  I don’t think I ever believed in any company I worked for to be honest.  The truth is out.

4.  The less money you have the less taxes you have to pay.

5.  Not working makes some people depressed but it makes me just very happy.  I don’t have any inspiration to go back to work.  I don’t think anybody could pay me enough.

6.  It blows my mind how many satisfying things you can do with your one life when you’re not giving every last bit of yourself to make money.  

7.  It is amazing to me how nice it is to not have to put up with all of the b.s. from work environments.

8.  Working puts you in a position where you have to suck up to people who you don’t like enough to suck up to.  Not working frees you to where you don’t have to lie anymore.  That’s nice.

9.  Shockingly, it turns out there really is more to life than money.  Just a little bit.

10.  The saddest thing about not working is that you can’t afford the fifth season of that one show on dvd.  But that’s not really so sad. 

11.  Deep down I believe that work is a good thing.  I just haven’t found anything I wanna do yet.

(In truth, I am probably the worst role model alive and you’d be wise to ignore everything I’ve just said)

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