What We Can Say About the New Record Right Now

Okay, I just tried to upload an mp3 of a new song over on songtwit.com but I don’t think it worked.  To ease the disappointment of my legions of rabid fans I am going to give a few details about the forthcoming record.  

This is an official announcement from The Jeff Grant Team (which is actually just Jeff Grant).

Here’s what we can tell you right now (and by “we” I mean “me”):

– It will be around 10 songs, give or take.

– Song titles will include the following: “Somewhere”, “tape”, “Who You Get”, “Little Eye Balls”, “Love was only human”, “Song”, “You Gotta’ Lie”, “All She Wrote”  plus a couple more totally gosh wowee wow wow songs.

– We (I) currently have a list of possible album titles but we (I) haven’t decided (drawn straws) yet.

– It will be released exclusively (at first at least) on noisetrade.com (where everyone knows you can find lots of very good inexpensive to free music).

– Much of it was recorded after Jeff got a new USB microphone and “got excited about it”.

– Right now there are ZERO plans to make physical copies (c.d.s).  If you want it then get it at Noise Trade.  The Jeff Grant Team is tired and too poor to make and mail or hand out copies of his music anymore.  Even if you consider yourself Jeff Grant’s best friend or “biggest fan”, you will still need to download the record or get somebody who has it to burn you a copy.  Even Jeff Grant’s own mother will probably have to download it (just to put this all in perspective).

– To compare the new music to any of the old music it would probably fit near the last record (Digital Dreams) with a slight improvement in the recording quality.  This was not made with any fancy producers (unless you consider Jeff Grant to be a “fancy producer”).  

-This album will be the fruit of several conversations that Jeff had with himself (believe it or not).

 – The only person other than Jeff who has heard the music so far is his father and his review was something like, “sounds pretty good.”

– If there are any themes present in the new songs they might be things like “music as escape”, “finality”, and “lying”.

-Chances are if you have listened to Jeff Grant’s music in the past and enjoyed it and have the patience for more of sort of the same thing then you will probably enjoy the new stuff too.

– If you would like to book a Jeff Grant show and you live outside of Watauga, Texas then you will probably have to figure out a good way to get Jeff where you are with a guitar.   Jeff is open to traveling of course but his only reliable forms transportation at the moment are his legs and let’s just say that those powers are limited.   Still, as a special bonus, if you can get The Jeff Grant Team to wherever you are for a show he promises to try extra hard to remember how to play his own songs (which is a rare feat, trust us!).

Thanks for helping to keep the fire burning all these lovely years…

The Jeff Grant Team

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