Creepy Perspectives

Why are human beings so freaking weird?

Just when I think I don’t like them anymore they surprise me

I could find a good reason to not like just about anybody

So everybody’s pretty equal from my perspective

(Well, except for the ones who really really stink)


I read a Bible story today that would have made Jerry Springer cringe

It creeped me out and it was about one of the “fathers of the faith”

Aren’t those guys supposed to be flawless?

Well anyway, none of them are

Jesus is supposed to be the least creepy person ever

(from some perspectives)

But even he creeped out some people

(They’re all going to Hell though)

Some people think Jesus is creepy but they still try to accept him

Warts and all

Well, warts from their perspective I mean


Hmm, I wonder if Jesus had real warts

Or did his inner unblemishedness extend to his outer self too?

Was he clean on the inside and the outside as well?

Maybe he had perfect skin

I don’t know

Something to think about though…

Like, do you think he had pimples as a teenager?

And would that in some way negate his Godliness?

Just wondering


I might take a nap now

My flesh is feeling sleepy

And so is my soul

That probably sounds creepy

From certain perspectives



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