Construction Bloopers

I think this would be a funny construction blooper:

Okay, there are two construction guys and one is holding an open box of nails

Then the other guy asks him what time it is

And as he turns his wrist to look at his watch 

He dumps the nails all on the ground

And some hit his shoes

And some stick in his shoes


This is another idea for a construction blooper

This guy is hitting a nail into a board

And some other guys are playing a trick on him

They put a rubber nail half way into a board

So when the guy hits the nail

The hammer bounces back and hits the guy in the head


And then there’s this guy and he’s carrying a board

And he puts it on the ground for a second so he can rest

And then this other guy walks up and stands right in front of him

And then the first guy accidently lifts up the board and hits 

The second guy right in the crotch


And then another guy is hammering a nail into a wall

And some guys replaced the wall with paper

So when he swings the hammer

It breaks through the wall real easy

And there are these other guys standing on the other side of the paper wall

With a video camera


And finally there is this guy who  is hammering some nails into a wall

And he’s done and nothing happens and he thinks it’s all good

So he turns around to walk away from the wall

And he falls into a giant hole in the ground

That some other construction guys dug

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