I went to a church service this morning and I promise, these were the lyrics to a song they sang:

“Go go go go go go go

Go go go go go go go

go go go

go go go


go go



I am making a list of words I want to use in upcoming songs


















“wet cement”



Blogging is so fun

You can say whatever you want 

Maybe nobody will read or maybe a lot

Who knows?

It’s somewhere between 5 and 5 million people

(probably closer to 5 though)

Those 5 are important people

Don’t know who they are

They change

Can’t get insecure now

Gotta’ bite the bullet and be somebody

Gotta’ represent

A singer is like a politician of the heart

They stand up for feelings

They express for others

Sometimes people just feel different and you can’t help it

But sometimes they feel the same and you’ve gotta’ articulate if you can

You can’t articulate for everybody and luckily there are many other songwriters out there who can fill in the big gaps where you missed

Do broad strokes but don’t forget the narrow ones

Or just keep running your mouth and try not to annoy anybody (while rhyming)

That’s really the best you can hope for


Okay, it’s time for me to


  1. this one was funny and thought-provoking, oh and mood-provoking

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