2 hours on Fridays

I heard a story about a woman who has written 4 books

She only writes for 2 hours on Fridays

And she’s written 4 books


I wish I could change the font here

I don’t know if I can

I’d do Courier 

Typewriter font

Screenplay font

You’d miss the imperfections you’d get on a typewriter 

I think

I think Courier is better than Courier New

But I would have to do some further research to make sure

I’ll get back to you on that


I wanna say something here that you can’t get anywhere else

Not like most of the things on my mind right now

Most of them are typical

Not so different really


I’m so glad I’m at a point with my writing that when I talk to an audience there really is one

When I say “you” it isn’t an imaginary “you”

There is a real “you” out there

I don’t know who it is or nuthin

But I do know that a “you” exists

And for me that mainly means that I’m not crazy

And that’s nice

See, when I talk to the ceiling, there are people listening

Hi ceiling

What’s up?

(heh heh..)


(I just love being sane!)


2 hours on Fridays

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