Normal thoughts happening coincidentally on New Years Day

I think I’m gonna give a blog a shot today to celebrate the new year

I’m scanning my brain to figure out what to talk to everybody about

Why is that always a tricky thing to figure out?

My sister, brother-in-law and niece are in town this weekend

We just did our late Christmas this morning

My niece crawled for the first time this morning towards a ball of white yarn and my copy of High Fidelity by Nick Hornby

That’s just what happened to be on the floor

When I blog about books, movies and music I go to to remind myself which things get italics and quotation marks

We ate a ton of donuts this morning

I got a USB microphone with Christmas money this year

I’ve been recording a bunch of new songs on it and it sounds way better than when I recorded through the speakers on my laptop

I’m thinking about making another collection of songs and posting it online pretty soon

Every time I do this I feel that the amount of people who care shrinks 

I’ll probably still do it anyway

I don’t know if I want to blog more than I do

Blogging is weird sometimes

I’ll post something and feel dumb afterwards

I don’t know why

I can’t say 

I don’t have a resolution this year

I don’t have goals

My parents want me to get married and then have babies

I would try that but I would feel so guilty about not being able to feed or support other people

You need more than five dollars

I have a little more than a quarter

And that sounds like a lie

But it’s true

I’m still freaked out by how popular and normal it is for people to have families

I wish there was an alternate world where you could be single and everybody would leave you alone and not assume that you are depressed

That’s one of my main disappointments about being an adult

It all just dumps out into the same basic options

I’m happy for everybody else 

I would just love to have about 50 years of singleness before tying the knot

Saying that out loud makes people think I’m mentally disturbed

There’s just so much to do in your one life and binding yourself to other people is pretty serious

The same people who think you should get married also say you shouldn’t get tatoos

But it’s the same thing

My niece is very cute and they feed her regularly which I think is a really big deal

I like her and I have fun around her

My sister is a really good mom

It suits her

A part of me wants to move to Hollywood or New York City

I’ve never been to either one

I love my family and they’re the only reason I live in Fort Worth

I wish every last person I’m related to lived somewhere where I would want to be

I need to find some more weird artsy people in Fort Worth

They’ve gotta be somewhere

I just need to make sure that I don’t find any artsy girls who want to get married

That would throw all of my life plans in the garbage

I’d probably have to get a job or something

Hmm… there is a trip to Walmart being organized right now

There is a rumor that they might buy another point card to download more video games on the Wii

I love it when stuff like this happens

I’ll probably tag along

I am currently playing 3 Zelda games and 2 Mario games

It’s like I’m living my whole life all at the same time

The best of the best 

This is the time of my life

2010 is gonna be amazing

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