Texas White Christmas…. or ALIEN INVASION?!?

There is a white, fluffy, powdery substance covering the ground here in Fort Worth.  We don’t quite know what this stuff is but we have just discovered tonight that packing it up into hand-sized balls and throwing it at other people can be very fun.  We are unsure if this is safe, though personally I did dump a lot of it on the head of a 3 year old girl tonight.  What a thrill!

This stuff, we believe, somehow came from the sky.  I had a snow cone last week and if I could compare this stuff to anything it’s like the ground up ice stuff in snow cones but without the syrup.  The higher ups here in the DFW area are thinking about calling this new phenomenon a “Syrupless Snow Cone Storm”.

It reminds me of that song where the guy is dreaming that Christmas will be white.  We all know that’s a song written by and for moon people but… and I know it sounds like science fiction, but I promise that if you look outside RIGHT NOW (11:05 PM on 12/24/09), it will not be it’s normal brown color but a very whitish type of color (oh, and you have to be in North Texas to see it).  It seems eerily ironic that a song about alien life could in a way be applicable to Earth life.

And no, I’m not crazy!

Now, I didn’t believe this moon stuff could fall from the sky either but somehow it made it, and just in time for Christmas no less.   I don’t know how it works, maybe a cross dimensional warp opened up and some space ice powder fell through.  I don’t know…  

What I do know is that there are an awful lot of freaked out North Texans and I’m for one  hoping that the government can send some cowboys to sweep this stuff up because it is ALL OVER THE PLACE!!  ( They may need to bring their cattle maneuer shovels)  I know that it’s an awful big mess to blame completely on a faulty alien warp portal hole… maybe it’s some sort of intergalactic conspiracy.. I don’t know, but there is seriously  some freaky white stuff covering most of our beautiful brown Texas dirt.

And I’m not saying that this is going to ruin Christmas.  We Texans are strong and I believe we can catepoke through this could-be-alien attack.

As long as they don’t suck my brain I will try to keep you posted.

And don’t worry, they haven’t taken anybody’s Christmas presents as far as I know.

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