12 Songs Now Available on Noise Trade


Okay folks, I just uploaded a recording I made in the beginning of 2005 called 12 Songs at Noise Trade (check the link somewhere on this blog).  These songs were written mostly in 2004.  The recording took place on a Sunday night (in February or March of 2005, I think) in the dining room of a friend of mine named Marc Chevalier (and yeah, I still have no idea how to pronounce his last name).

I actually handmade the cover.  I made about 100 Kinko copies of it (and stapled them all!) and passed it around to pretty much everybody I knew.  Since then I’ve seen faded copies of this thing in friends’ c.d. cases and car consoles.  It’s sort of a classic in a few very small circles (just so you know).  

I made it when I was riding the fence, wondering if I should be a CCM artist or a hard core rocker.  I decided to let my fans make my decision for me but I never got a clear answer so now I have no idea who my audience is or what I’m supposed to be saying to them (how weird!).   

I will say that this record means a lot to me personally because it felt like the first time I tried to take myself completely serious as an artist.  I remember being very proud with exactly what it was when I made it.  I liked the artwork of the cover and I liked the sparseness and casualness of the production.  I know that it was huge step for me at the time and it has had a profound influence on what I’ve made since then.  

Oh yeah.  The first song is called My Feelings Don’t Rock and it has since been rerecorded in a more rocking version (which may have changed the entire meaning of the song…).  The title has also been made into a mysterious bumper sticker (most people don’t even know that it’s a song).  So if anybody has come in a little late, that’s where it came from and also what inspired the name of this blog.

Here’s where you can get 12 Songs for free

Thanks a lot!

Jeff Grant

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