Jeff Time: Day 21

I think I’m figuring out that my favorite thing about a laptop is that you can turn it off and put it in a room on the opposite side of the house any time you want to.

My computer is usually laying on the floor right next to my bed and I think that might be a bad place to keep the thing.  It seems healthy to have it further than arm’s reach.  It’s too easy to pick up your computer at any moment for any reason. 

I have a thing where after every movie I watch I will go to a website and read reviews.  Or, at any time during the day when I have a question about anything in the world (from a random definition to how to make eggs over easy) I will just pick up my computer and start googling and youtubing.

Honestly it is an addiction.  And I’m not trying to be funny.  My computer is like my third arm.  And that’s just sad.  

I put my computer in a storage room next to the garage for a few days just to see if I would be able to survive without being able to wikipedia every single thought that entered my brain.   It was an interesting experience.  I felt like a feening alcoholic.  I thought about making myself patches.  This is my five-day-no-computer patch.  This is my month patch…

The thing that sucks is I use my computer for so many things.  I have a lot of my music on it.  I have tons of pictures and Word files.  I have videos.  And then I use it to write my blog.  So most everything productive that I do uses the computer.  It’s also the main way I keep in touch with people (I think I get about 2 calls a week).

I was wondering the other day what would happen if it broke and I’m not sure if I would care at this point.  I would look at it as a gift from God.  And I would be thankful. 

I haven’t had a job since May and all I have been doing is writing.  I made a stack just a minute ago:

Having writings is both exciting and a headache.  Now I’ve got to figure out what to do with it all.  And I might not do anything with the stuff.  Every time I read through the pages I start thinking it might be better to spare the world from any more of my thoughts.  Out of respect of course.  I promise, if you ever think that you are an intelligent person you should try to write a book.  No matter how easy you think it sounds it is not!  It’s probably not too different from trying to balance a cruise ship on your head.  

Actually, I think my main problem is that I have been trying way too hard.  I’ve been writing five pages a day for a while now and I’m glad that I’m fulfilling my goal but just because you write five pages a day doesn’t mean those pages are going to be any good.  I think I spent a bulk of my writing just whining and feeling sorry for myself.  And that sucks because I don’t think it would help anybody.   I just sound like a crazy guy who talks to myself.  And even if that might be who I really am, does that mean it’s worth sharing with all of the innocent and upstanding people of the world?  Maybe I could give them a break..


I thought about ending my Jeff Time blogs with number 20.  Then I changed my mind.  And then I changed my mind again.  After which I changed my mind back.  

I may continue these things but I will probably put the computer on the opposite side of the house in between when I write them.

Okay, time to close the clamshell…  ta ta.

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