Jeff Time: Day 18

Man, I had the weirdest dream last night.  I even laid in bed an extra 20 minutes to make sure I got all the details right so I could blog about it.

Well, it didn’t make logical sense.  Dreams don’t normally do that, I guess.  It started when I reunited with a friend from middle school who had just gotten picked to be on the new Real World.  And I think he was excited but it was for the 37th season, set in Tahiti, and not a lot of people still watched the show so they had gotten looser in who they were picking to be on it.  

I tried to tell him how cool it was that he got on the show but secretly I wasn’t very impressed.  

Then somehow (and this is part of the weird dream logic) I was at a third rate amusement park.  The Real World part of the dream was over.  I was getting out of this old school bus with a bunch of other people.  Somehow I figured out that we were part of a traveling songwriter team called Ninety Two out of North Texas.  It was like Ten out of Tenn (the real traveling songwriter group) but instead there were ninety two of us.  

I think I was number 32 or 33.  




We were traveling around to different sucky theme parks to play in little restaurants inside the sucky theme parks.  And since there was 92 of us we were booked for a week in this little pizza place next to the part of the park that was built in the 60’s.  So we weren’t even in the modern part of the park!  And only about 6 people came to the show each night.  It didn’t really make sense to me why we were booked there but… I didn’t want to cause any trouble so I kept quiet.

Well, it was Monday afternoon and I wasn’t scheduled to go on until about 10:30 on Tuesday night so I decided to wander around for a while and try to figure out which song I was going to play.






Everybody on our songwriting team was allowed to play one song a week so I was hoping to make it real special.  I was going through my catalog in my  head.  I was thinking, “Hmm, should I play one of the really depressing ones or maybe one of the funny ones that makes me look like a psychopath… let’s  see here…”  I was having a tough time deciding on just the right one.

 Then I suddenly walked by another songwriter from another traveling  songwriting team (Forty from Florida).  He almost bumped into me but then he saw me and his eyes got huge, “Wait a second!  AREN’T YOU JEFF  GRANT?!?!”  

 I almost dropped my cotton candy.  “What?!  You know who I am?!”


 “How do you know me?  Nobody knows me!   Do you read my blog or  something?!”

 “Everybody knows who YOU are!  Can I take a picture with you?!  My buddies  are never gonna believe this!!”

  “…Seriously, I’m just curious… do you really know who I am?”  I was  confused.

 “Yeah, wanna hang out or something?!  Maybe we can talk about songwriting.”

Then I was like, “What?!  You’ve heard of me AND you want to hang out with me and talk about songwriting?! …. are there some hidden cameras around here somewhere?”

“No way man.  I have all of your tapes and cds and I even have a ‘My Feelings Don’t Rock’ bumper sticker, man!  I listen to your music ALL the time, broseph!  All my friends LOVE you!  Gosh, I can’t believe I’m actually talking to you!! I mean, WHOOOOOAAA!”

Then I had to apologize, “Man, I’m sorry.. this is just really weird for me.  I’m not used to thinking that people actually listen to me..  I guess I’d already accepted the fact that my music career is really just me performing one song a week in dive grease pits in bad theme parks and singing alone in different rooms to ceilings.  I thought that all of my fans were… and I know this sounds like a joke but I mean it… ceiling fans…”

“Well, Jeff I have a confession to make.  I am not a ceiling fan.  I’m a person!  And you rock, man!  You make my feelings rock just by being you!!”

I wanted to hug or kiss the guy but I didn’t know how he’d take it.



Then this girl comes up and says hi to him and I realize that she’s this girl who I have had a secret crush on for FIVE YEARS and in my mind I’m like, “OH _____!”  but I tried to play it cool.   

“Oh, hi ______.”  (I’m not gonna say her name on the blog)

Then she said hi back to me and in my mind I was like “wwwwoooooowwww…” and my knees went all wobbly inside of my sequined pants.

It turned out that she was with another traveling songwriter group (Seventy-four from Switzerland [even though she isn’t really from Switzerland]).   They were playing restaurants at crappy theme parks too.  But she was one of the first to play so she had just finished her one song performance in a Sushi place in a more hip part of the theme park.  

(I was a little intimidated by this in the dream) 

I couldn’t believe I was actually standing next to her.  Well, walking next to her, I mean.  We were seriously walking right NEXT to each other (past an orange glass-covered dolphin aquarium with only three sickly dolphins swimming and coughing in it)… wow…

I knew it was just a dream..  

I didn’t know what to say so I didn’t say anything.  I looked at her and felt very self conscious.  “Hi. did your performance go?”


“That’s great!!!!!”


It really was so weird to me that she was walking right next to me and talking to me.  And it felt like such a meaningful conversation too..  for me at least..

Then we turned this corner by a dead bluebonnet garden.  The pizza place where I was supposed to play the next night was on our left.

“Um… If you aren’t doing anything tomorrow at 10:30… I’m gonna be playing a song over in that pizza restaurant… I mean… if you’re not doing anything or whatever…”

Then she said, “Oh, yeah?.. uh… tomorrow night… right… okay… maybe I can–”


“GRRRAANT!!!! Quit gettin’ cozy with the locals!!!  You got a job to do kid!!!”  

It was the manager of my songwriting team calling out from the door of the pizza restaurant.

“Uh oh.  I think I have to go.”

Then, instead of seeming like she was sad or anything she just said, “Okay, bye.”  

And then she walked off with the other songwriting guy.

So I went back to the pizza restaurant, hoping that my manager wasn’t

about to beat me, and then—


I woke up.


And then I laid in my bed an extra 20 minutes to remember it.


And then I waited a little while and then I came and blogged about it.

That’s what happened.

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