Jeff Time: Day 12

Hello hello hello.  How is everybody doing?  I would say good evening but it might be the morning when you read this.  I’m writing at 11:11 in the pm.  

I need to go to bed because I’m going out of town this weekend.  I have a second cousin who is getting married in Oklahoma on Saturday night (tomorrow night).  I’ll be in the car most of the day on Saturday.

I’m worried that I won’t be able to sleep very well tonight though.  I had a normal sleeping schedule for a little while but now it’s drifted back to the other side of the clock.  I mean that I go to sleep around 7 or 8 in the morning and then wake up at about 3 or 4 in the afternoon (please don’t make fun of me).  

So right now, on my schedule, it’s almost lunch time.  But instead of taking a nap afterwards I’m going to need to get some real sleep.  

Well, I guess I could sleep in the car…


Gosh, I am so sorry that you have to listen to this.   The only reason I’m talking about this is because it’s what’s going on in my mind during my blogging time.  

It seems like a dumb thing to talk about.  

I’m trying to get into a routine with my blog where I do it even when I feel like I have nothing to say.  That feeling can be a handicap I’ve found.  Usually, if you can’t think of anything to say but you just say something anyway, it turns out just fine.

I think it’s a fear of failing or sounding stupid.  It’s like I want to put myself in a place with my blogging where I HAVE to share something, even if I am not wanting to.  I don’t want to freeze up or stall out.  I think when you write or do anything you will inevitable make mistakes.  That’s all part of it.

I’m just saying this because it’s part of my writing process for my blog.  It’s supposed to be like free-writing time for me.  So I can’t promise anything about the quality or content but I can promise that I will at least try to do SOMETHING during “Jeff Time”.  And I am hoping to make it at least a little interesting.

 It’s actually pretty exciting to know that it could be anything it wants to be each day.  I’m already having fun with that.  I don’t have an outline for these entries.  The idea is to just come to my blog and fill it up with something that seems worth sharing.

And what I think I should share seems to change every day.  Sometimes I want to talk about music I listen to but some days I want to be practical and just make lists of things.

Trying to be active is a strangely tricky thing to do.  It doesn’t seem like it would be hard to do the same thing every day but sometimes it just is.  I think that’s a topic I’d like to dig into with these entries.  The daily challenges of perseverance.


Tonight I went through and wrote out five pages from a book about grammar.  I just copied it down.  It’s a textbook.  I know that sounds boring.  I think it was good for me though.  I’ve always been iffy and nervous about grammar.  I’ve never been able to remember the rules.  I’m hoping that writing the stuff down will help it to get into my brain a little better.


Okay, before I go, I’m going to put down this first paragraph just because it’s on my mind (is that a good enough reason?).  I found this helpful.  This helped to remind me what writing basically is.  I rarely think about it this simply.  It’s from the Prentice Hall Reference Guide to Grammar and Usage (Fourth Edition):

“Purpose (of Writing)-  Writing is a multipurpose tool that helps us discover and explore more fully what we are thinking so that we learn as well as express our feelings and thoughts.  We write to convey information, to persuade others to believe or act in certain ways, to help ourselves and others remember, and to create works of literary merit.”

Here’s that last part again but turned into a list:

We write to:

-Convey information

-to persuade others to believe or act in certain ways

-to help ourselves and others remember

-to create works of literary merit    


Mull over that for a second…

Uh oh, I think I just heard the bell ring.  

Class is dismissed.  

Everybody have a nice weekend!

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