Jeff Time: Day 2

Transcript 2:

Yo yo yo yo yo.  What up what up what up?

Yo, it’s time for some more Jeff Time.  I’m not gonna tell you when I’m recording this because I don’t want to throw off the illusion that I’m doing it right now.  That’s right.  This isn’t a live blog.  There’s a little bit of a delay that comes with this.

Yesterday I posted a couple of pictures and I’m not quite sure if I want to do that again yet.  I’m thinking about it.  I might have an idea for one picture.

I’m drinking a glass of wine while I’m recording this so if I sound a little wackier than normal, that’s why.  And word to the wise:  don’t drink and blog if you know what’s best for you…  Uh oh…

I guess this is sorta like a radio show only it’s typed out.  And I’m not sure what the demand is these days for typed out radio shows but… well, I guess I’m doing it anyway.

I think I want to take a minute here and apologize to everybody for being such a confused artist.  I just can’t ever seem to decide if I want to be a writer or a songwriter or a cartoonist or whatever.  It all seems to come out in a big blur.  And that’s real fun for me but if it’s been confusing for anybody than I’m sorry…

I guess I think of myself more as an idea man than anything else.  I like coming up with ideas and then writing them down and then making plans and then forgetting the plans then thinking of other ideas and then writing them down and then trying to make new plans and then forgetting those plans.  I just can’t get enough of stuff like that.

And writing is tricky because you’ve always gotta be by yourself or nothing gets accomplished.  Or that’s how I work at least.  Some people go the collaborating route.  Like, today I’ve just been sitting here in this room all by myself.  I got up a few times to get some coffee and pee or whatever  but that’s about it.

I think it might be similar to what it would be like if you were in solitary confinement only you’ve decided to put yourself there.  And I’m always glad about it because I get stuff done but writing really is a hard thing to do.  It seems like more than anything it takes a lot of time and commitment, like any job.

I’ve developed a theory about creativity.  I think it’s like a breathing thing.  I find that I can write a few sentences or a paragraph or so but then I have to stop and set it down and go do something else.  Then I come back.  

I find that I do that when I’m writing music too.  It will be really creative and intense and then I have to scoot back and go on a walk or something.  And then come back.  And it’s always a series of those.

I’ve realized too that blogging is a good way for me to write because there is an automatic audience.  And if there is an automatic audience you have a better idea of who it might be.  Like, if I’m writing something off into nowhere (nonblogging) land I never know who is going to read it and usually I get bored of it and forget about it before it ever comes close to an audience.  And by the time it has a chance to be seen I’ve already moved onto the next thing.

I have a nice little work station here where I can get my writing done.  I find that I need a pretty quiet place without too much clutter.  And sometimes there might be a little bit of clutter but it’s like personal, you know, meaningful clutter.  And it seems like every day I have to start over.  I have to clear the whole thing and then build it back up.  And I know that probably sounds weird but it’s just part of my process.

I’ve also realized that it takes me a little while to get into the writing each day.  I won’t want to do it so I’ll have to warm up into it.  So it takes some time because to write your mind has to almost be in a whole different world.  It’s like if you are running and you have to go a few laps just to get your body used to it.  Writing is like that (for me).

And I’m hesitant to give out writing tips because I think everybody has their own process and way of doing it.  What might work for one person isn’t always going to work for another.  I think you have to just go and do it and figure it out as you go.  I think that’s the best way to get it done.  But man, it really is a solitary process.


Okay, I think this wine may be doing it’s job too so that means it’s about time for me to wrap this up so I can go to sleep.  I guess I hope everybody has a great day or night or whatever time this is and here’s another picture for you:




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