Talkin’ To Tha Big O Werld All at 1ce.

I tried to cut down on the blogging because let’s face it, people don’t read anymore.  Or anything longer than 140 characters.  Then when they sit down to read it just reminds them of when they go to the bathroom.

So they go to the bathroom.

So this here is for the hardcore followers who follow links to OTHER places on the internet.  You know who you are.  You know how you do that.  You know how you watch movie trailers and all that business.


I’m already wasting your time here.  Sorry about that, I guess…

I don’t know what I want to talk to the world about right now.  I was getting tired of talking to the great big world all at one time for a minute there.  These blog things are crazy.  I mean, you don’t know what kind of juicy gossip I might spill next…

Not that I know any gossip myself.  I gotta’ google that stuff just like the next man.   And my gossip genre doesn’t hold much interest to the common reader.  I don’t know who’s doing stuff with whoever and all what-not!  Do you think I can keep up with all that saucy info?!  

Nope.  Not me.  

But ask me a question I like.  Ask me somethin’ that seems important to my psyche.  But then don’t expect much of an answer there ‘cuz that sounds like a confusing question to me.  

“What’s important to my psyche?!” 

I don’t know the answer to that question.  In fact, I may be tempted to turn the question BACK on the interviewee.

What’s a psyche and how the heck can it value somethin’?!


(Note: I’m not sure how this happened but somehow, right around this part of the entry, I turned into some sort of technology-loving, backwoods something-er-other…) 

All right!  Subject changin’ time!

Man, I like movies.  I might even be tempted to announce that I luv movies (and in italics, no less).  There’s jest nuthin’ like sittin’ down someplace comfy when ya’ got nothin’ else to do and you can jist ignore the whole weight o’ the werld ‘n all that nons’nse.  

I love them movin’ pictures.  I just stare and think to mysef: “Well, look at that!”  And then I do.  I look at it.  I stare up there at that big white screen they call the silver screen (in fancy circles).  I say, “Shoot a monkey!  What will they think of next in this genius werld we live in?!”

They’re gonna’ think a somethin’ none a’ us crude mortals ever done knew nuthin’ about ‘er figured wund’rin’ about was even possible…

Subjects such as these tempt sum real tears frum these ol’ leth’ry eyes a’ mine…

Jist imaginin’ the ever-rollin’-never-slowin’ up steamroller a’ our modern werld could make a man feel s’ small ‘n insigifgnt.  Life sure is a treasure a’ some type a’ measureless werth er I ain’t ev’r breathed no oxyg’n.  No sir-ee-bob.  Cain’t mean that last sentence much more’n I already do ‘n did at tha’ time ‘a this writin’.

Shoulda’ known all this talkin’ ’bout inventin’ and techn’logic’l/soci’l progress wuz gonna’ plum hit a heart-string-er-2 a’ mine…  

Pluck.  Pluck.

‘N look at me.  I’m down fer tha count, I do declare..


Thare I go gettin’ all e-mo-shun-ul… How emarissin’ right-yere on tha’ computer, no less..

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