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digital dreams_2_2_2This is the cover.

You can get it here:     (go to the “Most Recent Section”)  (I’ll post the widget once I remember how to do it)


1) I Floated Away

2) These Days I’m So Hardened

3) Stacy on a Plane

4) How Good Do You Want It To Be?

5) Phony Friends

6) How I Got Free

7) Kill Joy (A Seductive Verse)

8) Silent Partner (Gone So Long)

9) Act Surprised

10) You Need To Believe That I’m Good


First off, this is a semi-concept album.  I made up a story and then I wrote the songs from the perspectives of the characters.  I say “semi” because I’m not completely sure if I pulled it off.

This album was recorded this summer (2009) very simply in Garage Band on my computer.  I have a creative stubbornness where I like to make my music with exactly whatever stuff I have around me.  So if it sounds lo-fi, that was the intention.  I know that this sounds like a demo to the average listener but that’s just how my music normally sounds.  I guess I’m just trying to say that this is how I made it and it’s just the way it is.  

I’m hesitating to tell the story that goes along with these songs because frankly, I don’t think it will make them more interesting.  Maybe it’ll add some mystery to it.  

Yeah, I’m keeping certain information to myself about this one.

The title came from a font style mixed with the fact that all the songs were written and recorded in the middle of the night (dream time).  That’s when most people are asleep but I was awake thinking about the future entertainment needs of the world.  Thus the songs felt like dreams to me.  Also, it is being released exclusively online in a format known as”digital”.

Now, there are some tricks with these songs.  They might seem clear but there’s an abstraction to them at the same time (a thematic manipulation if you will).  And again, I am not at liberty at the present time to explain any of it.  You may have to come to your own conclusions and if you ask me for the right answers I will more than likely be elusive and difficult to converse with.

In closing, I hope that this simple group of tunes finds a happy place in your musical collections.  

This message will self-destruct in-

Hey, I am just kidding…  It won’t self-destruct.  I was just messing with you…

I will talk to you fine folks later on (more than likely through electronic mail).


Jeff Grant  

(Feelings Rocker)


P.S.  Prior to the completion of this record I did an internet vote to decide what the cover would be.  It was a race between the one you see above and another one that was considered “cuter”.  The above cover won in a landslide (5 to 0).  

I would like to extend a special thanks to the following people for their participation in the cover election:  Richard Ohlsen, Misty Vaughn, Philip Prentice, Erin Vore and the one and only Matthew Carver.  If you see any of these people, please shake their hand for me because they are scattered all over America and I cannot get to them myself.

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