Onto Simplicity


I’ve gotta’ figure this out.  It’s frightening when you can say whatever you want.  And in whatever manner you can think of.  There’s a lot to say.  There is a lot you can say that isn’t necessary.  There’s a lot to say that isn’t true and probably isn’t worth saying anyway.

I’ll say this okay:  I am a writer.  Thus, I write.  It’s what I do.  

I know that that makes some people uncomfortable but they are just going to have to deal with it.

One of the things that is both exciting and frightening about writing is that you get to create your own little imaginary places to inhabit.  I know that everybody has the ability to day dream.  What I mean is that once I was thinking about songs and I think I’d sung just a little too many for me to be impressed by them anymore.  To me they just seemed like little thought boxes.  You know, like this one puts you in this place, that one puts you in another place.  And really, aren’t they all mostly the same places?

I started to realize too that I actually had the power to shape those little temporary brain boxes.  I could manipulate them or… I need a cooler word… I could be artistic

And that seems like a powerful ability.  It’s also a lot of pressure.  ‘Cuz maybe only your nutty friends are going to read it.  Or maybe some big important whoever you can imagine-types.  And that’s kind of unpredictable.

What if you write a song that seems honest but it just puts people into a rotten and repulsive state of mind?  And then you put your name on it?  Then you’ve got to take responsibility for that thing… What?  Oh yeah.  You wrote that…

And it’s not that creative expression isn’t fun and exciting.  I love that I can in reality be sitting in the most cold and drab environment and that it can have no effect on what’s going on on the paper.  In fact, I have found mundane places to be great for writing.  The fewer distractions the easier it is to want to dream yourself somewhere else.

But I know all writers have different things that do it for them.  Some people thrive on the noise.  I saw a very famous comedian being interviewed once and he was cracking jokes left and right but to tell you the truth, all I noticed was that there was not one millisecond of silence between all the words he said.  He sat in the chair and I’m not even sure if he took a second to breathe the whole time.

I’ve been reading some books about editing and it is a humbling experience because I have written for a while and not even considered trying to make it easier on the audience.  That was something somebody said that blew my mind.  Something about how you’re supposed to write for the readers.  

Whoa!!   OTHER people?!  You mean it’s good to make it easier for people to read?  Isn’t reading supposed to be a challenge?

I’ll try…

Writing is nice.  I like to write.  I think about editing.  Editing seems snobby.  Still, I need to know about editing.  People might read this.  What if it’s hard?  They might change websites faster.  Isn’t that bad?  What will they think?  Strange things about me I bet.  About how my brain has problems. And that is bad I think.  Even if you are used to it.  Even if it doesn’t affect you.  People thinking strange things about you is undesirable.  So says certain respectable people.  And look at them.  Nobody thinks they are strange!  They have it easy.  They must be happy.  I bet they feel good.  And respected.  Unlike me, always so confused and fearful.  Trying to make jokes to hide my insecurities and shortcomings.  Unsure if even my jokes are edited correctly.  Even if they are laughing does it mean I have succeeded?  Woe is me perhaps.

In closing:

I do so solemnly swear to do what I can to become a clearer writer

I will read books and be more considerate towards my readers

I will take my steps more carefully and speak easier

When using imagination and imagery I will try to dumb my wordings down so as not to frighten some of you


Thank you.

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