2 More Songs in the Same Garage

Last night when I recorded the previous video for “In a Million Years” I also did these two.  I uploaded them through the night but I had to go to sleep so now I am posting them on the blog for mass consumption.  

So far these are the only song performances that I recorded last night but today I  recorded a question and answer video that I hope to post within the next couple of hours.   

Thanks a lot!


Memory Drop

Never Picked Up


Oh and if anybody has any requests for other songs you’d like me to record and put up on youtube like this just let me know.  It’s not that hard to do this.  I’m not editing anything, just pointing and shooting and then uploading.  

Also, if you want to ask any questions about the songs or music or anything just let me know.  This stuff is really fun to do.    Maybe my blog will turn into a bunch of videos instead of just the writings.  I think it already is.

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