How to Brainwash Your “Friends”

 Propaganda used to convince readers that summer is not very cool.


Have you ever gone to see a movie and walked by a poster with popcorn and soda on

it and then bought some?


Have you ever seen a commercial that said some product was the best ever?


Have you ever been to church?


Have you ever seen a politician?


Have you ever watched a television show that wasn’t funny but the studio audience laughed anyway, causing you to laugh too?


Have you ever heard somebody say “This is great!” when whatever they are talking about is crappy?


Propaganda is everywhere these days.

Hello, my name is Jeff Grant and I am here to talk to you about propaganda. Now, let’s see what Webster’s says:

Propaganda-n- the spreading of ideas or information to further or damage a cause; also: ideas or allegations spread for such a purpose.

It is next to impossible for any free thinking person to keep their opinions to themselves. And how common is it for the average Joe to say something to influence the thoughts of the average Joes sitting next to him or her?

Real common.

Now I’m gonna talk about something straight out of today’s headlines (and briefly consider the word “headline”):  Facebook.

Facebook is a social networking tool that many people in our modern era use on a daily basis to constantly update those in their social periphery on their who, what, when and whereabouts.  It is in the opinion of this author that most people do not care what other people are doing at every moment of the day.  

Still, I must admit that I am an avid user of the facebook system and thus a propagandist.  I inform a group of people (known as my “friends”) about various subjects of limited importance throughout the average day.  There is a subchance that any of the information I choose to share holds any real worth.  

Perhaps occasionally, like any facebook updater, I hope to in someway brainwash my readers into thinking exactly the same way that I do.  Perhaps there is a part of me that thinks the world would be better if there were only more Jeff Grants in it (going around and helping everybody).

Of course, this is my own personal opinion and I aim not to persuade any of my readers to agree… (psych).

In closing, please remember that social manipulation is everywhere and we should all think twice (or more) before believing everything we hear.

I love you all.


Jeff Grant

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