Meanwhile, while looking for the tree that money grows on…

I am typing this at 3:20 on a Thursday morning. My sleeping schedule as of late has rotated. I go to bed at 5 and wake up at 1. I’m assuming that this has to do with the fact that I am currently living at my dad’s house (not sure how long this will last).

In the middle of the night it is very quiet and I’m finding that I am having very clear thoughts when everybody else is in bed. There are almost zero distractions at that time. Mostly only the air conditioner turning off and on and the quiet purring my computer likes to do. I am a guy who could sit in small room with only a computer in it and still get distracted, so I get very proud of myself when I actually do write. And when the writing is legible and readable for other people, that’s like a miracle feeling for me.

My goal when I moved into this house (other than to not stay very long) was to spend some good time writing. That is a normal goal for me and no surprise to anybody who reads this blog or has ever heard me open my mouth. If there is anything that I talk about a lot it’s writing. It’s definitely a cliche topic for me.

Well, writing so far has required a lot of reading and trying to remember how to be quiet for a little while. I know that I am able write a lot but I am also pretty sure that if I don’t scoot back every once in a while whatever I am putting down on paper just starts getting stranger and stranger.

So I’m trying to feed my mind with some books. And getting books in Texas has been incredibly easy. My dad has some interesting stuff as well as the Half Price Books a few streets away. I’m still working my way through Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I guess I’m pacing myself on that one. Every time I pick it up I suddenly want to take a nap. And then I do. And then I forget to pick it back up. And I am not saying that to say that I am not enjoying it. I’m just taking my time I guess.

I’m also reading No Country for Old Men by Cormac McCarthy. This is actually not a very hard book to read though I think I bought it when the movie came out in theaters. I’ve had it for a little while. The Coen Brothers did a great job adapting this book. I’m trying to get through it because I’d like to get to The Road before the movie comes out later this year. I’ve got a copy of that one waiting for me on my shelf.

And one book that I am definitely enjoying and that is probably the main thing slowing me down with the others is called Live From New York. It’s about Saturday Night Live. It goes through the history all the way back to it’s inception in the early 70’s and is basically told by many of the cast members, writers, producers and guests. I have to admit that this has been a guilty pleasure book because it talks about all of the behind the scenes drama. Still, the book leaves me with a feeling of happiness because it shows how much entertainers go through just because they love making people laugh.

I guess on top of all this I am looking for a job. I’ve gotta find some little thing to do I guess. I wish I was more inspired on that end. I guess I just don’t like working very much. I do like eating though. And I like leaving work. You have to go to work to get to leave.

I don’t have much going on right now as far as long term goals. I have enjoyed having very short to do lists over the last few days. Like, when I woke up this morning my only purpose was to take a movie back to Blockbuster. I put some new podcasts on my iPod and took a walk that might have lasted about 3 hours.

One thing that I am listening to is an audiobook of a book about the making of the albumPaul’s Boutique by The Beastie Boys (did that make any sense?). It’s about four hours long and requiring some commitment timewise.

I am finding that podcasts and audiobooks (and I discovered today that podcasted audiobooks are called “podiobooks”, strangely) are great for walks. They would probably be great for drives to but I don’t drive much these days (unless I am borrowing my dad’s truck to pick up pizza).

I am just saying that podcasts are pretty awesome. They are free and they have them on just about anything you can think of. I’ve downloaded several about screenwriting and movie directors. Today I listened to a podcast discussion of Wes Anderson.

As you can see I have had an incredibly busy day (even though I didn’t make a dime). Do they pay people to just sit around and read whatever they want and blog occasionally? They need to do that.

It isn’t as easy as it you’d think.

It’s easier.

  1. I used to listen to several podcasts – I think I still subscribe to them, but I’ve not actually listened to them in quite some time. Mine were mostly tech related, of course.

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