This Blog is Longer Than 140 Characters

I think I am realizing why I twitter too much.  It’s because I am used to regular blogging where you can type more than three sentences.  All of my twitters end up filling up the entire 140 character-sized space and spill over into other twitters.  Then I just feel embarrassed. You are supposed to shrink everything down so you don’t overwhelm your readers (who are supposedly extremely busy and have very little time for you).  If you can’t shrink it down and you put too much out there people start thinking, “This guy has posted 3 twitters in the last five minutes, he must have problems.”

So I am posting a regular blog because I’m tired  of feeling like a twitter freak, okay?   You can regular-blog as much as you want and nobody cares.  That’s usually because very few people actually read them.

Uh, so I am pretty sure I’ll be moving this week.  Wednesday more than likely.  And that’s to Fort Worth where pretty much all of my family lives.  I assume that I will have a few meals with my parents in the first couple of days and past that I have absolutely no idea what I will be doing.  Sitting around confused more than likely.  

I don’t have a job lined up or anything.  I think I’m just stumped with what the heck my life should be doing right now.  My life seems to me to be a sort of clump of something and I think it’s fine overall but I guess I can’t see it’s purpose at the moment.  Not that I’ll ever see it.   Not that it has to make any sense or anything.  I’m assuming that Fort Worth isn’t gonna help me figure much out.  I don’t think that I’m going to move and suddenly know exactly what I am supposed to be doing, but who knows?

I like Nashville and everything but most of what I do here I could be doing anywhere.  I am quite portable at the moment.  I’m like an RV.  And I think I’d like to be more portable.  I have a secret idea (that I shouldn’t be blogging about).  I’m thinking about taking the Uhaul and driving it somewhere by the side of the road and getting rid of a bunch of my junk.  Like just donate it to somebody.  I don’t know.  That would make me lighter.  How funny would it be to get back to Fort Worth and open up the back of the Uhaul and just have a couple books sitting there?

I just want to thin it all out.  Leave a shelf in Memphis.  My bed in Little Rock.  I mean, there are so many beds in Fort Worth.  Everybody I know there has a guest room with a bed.  Maybe there is a family in Little Rock who could use my bed.  Hmm…

I do remember when I moved to Nashville I only had a guitar, some clothes and some c.d.s.  That was awesome.  What is it with living somewhere and acquiring lots of stuff?  Why do I have the urge to go to Walmart every once in a while just to buy junk I know that I don’t need?  Is that helping me at all?  Is it just part of human nature to make money and then spend it on pointless crap?  I don’t know.

I did this the other night.  Friday night.  I went to Walmart with my checkbook to “buy crap”.  And I did.  

So, do you think less of me now?  

It’s okay.

Oh and I wanted to add a note to any of you who have tried to download my record from Noise Trade in the last couple of days (I might be speaking to no one right now).  Well, I tried to add some more songs the other day but when I went to reactivate my widget (which I am still learning how to do) it kept taking longer than I had.  Either my computer battery died or I had to leave whatever place that I was at.  Anyway, I think it might have frozen up my widget or something.  I am trying now to just get it back to normal so I can leave it alone and let it do it’s thing.  Sorry about the confusion.

It has been raining this whole weekend.  I tried to write this blog earlier in the afternoon and then I had to face the reality that the only thing anybody needed to be doing this afternoon was taking a nap.  I just woke up at 8:45.   Late nap, huh?

Gosh, I haven’t worked on anything that makes money since the beginning of April.  I feel like a total waste of space.  I don’t feel lazy because I’ve been busy.  But the stuff I have been busy with doesn’t make money.  I have been working on my writing.  And that’s what I’ve been meaning to do but I am not sure if any of the stuff is getting anywhere.  That is such a strange feeling.  I’m like a very persistent okay writer.  If there is anything I am good at it’s actually writing.  Sometimes I doubt the content though.

Hmm…. wonder if anybody needed to hear any of this…

I am not sure how many characters this was but I hope it didn’t overwhelm anybody too much.   

Okay, bye.

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