Eleven Songs for New Strangers

(Note:  The music discussed on this blog might not actually be on the Noise Trade site.  The writer is still trying to figure out how to work that thing.  He hopes that this blog makes sense but there is a very sure chance that it will make absolutely none.  Whoops.)

Okay, I think I’ve settled on eleven songs to add to the music I already have on Noise Trade.  You are able to have twenty songs on your widget and I have only had nine so far.  I have been holding back from you people. 


I am listening to the songs as I’m typing this and realizing that my feelings about my own songs are incredibly moody.  I love them one listen and I hate them the next.  I think I’m some kind of genius and then I think I need to find something else to do and quick (and maybe swing by a few therapy sessions and voice lessons on my way out the door).


Early on when I was recording The Human Endeavor with my friend Brian Threlkeld we had to spend two days just recording a bunch of songs to see what we had to work with.  I think we did 31 all together (in his living room/ dining room).  Nine were used for the album and the rest have been sitting quietly in my iTunes for the last year.


Now let me be clear, I DO like these songs.  Like I said, I have my own thoughts about the songs and I don’t want to say anything that might ruin your experience of listening.  I think I am nervous simply because these were not originally recorded to be shared with a bunch of people.  Again, we were just trying to figure out what material we had.  And I think I sung them real lazily (can I just say that?)


I think I’m going to look at this collection as an accidentally recorded album.  That’s my own personal take.  Cool?  Now, if you are new to my music and you are stoked to hear songs that have been recorded as sparsely as possible and you think that this is some kind of special era of Jeff Grant music…  Well… just stick around for a little while.  As my long-time listeners know, this is the norm for me.  I usually don’t have the fancy computer bleeps and funky synthesizers.  That was all Brian’s doing.  And we all love him for it.


And since my thoughts about these songs are so turbulent I had to collect them and sequence them very quickly (while I still liked them and before I deleted them all and gave up on music forever again).  I tried to put a lot of thought into the order but at a certain point I had to tell myself, “Dude!  Just leave it like it is and send it out before you change your mind again!”


And then I replied (to myself), “Right on.”


Okay, no more explanations or apologies or commentary…  Here are some songs for you and I sure do hope you enjoy them!


Rockingly yours,


Jeff Grant

P.S.  This collection is called From a Chair but the alternate titles were:  Christian But Not Christian, Oblivion and Bets Of. 

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