Some Info on The Human Endeavor (for the downloaders)

I think this might be a good blogging day.  There’s a lot of news today.  

If anybody out there has yet to hear my newest record The Human Endeavor, it is now up for downloading at .   You can even get it for free if you email five friends about it!

Some info about The Human Endeavor:

–  It was recorded in weekly sessions from December 2007 through December of 2008 with my friend Brian Threlkeld mostly at his house (and not every single week).

– It was originally going to be 14 songs and called Schizophonic but that name was already taken by a Spice Girl so then it was changed to Schizophonic (Sugar).  Then we thought the record was way too long and drug too much so we cut it to 9 songs and just called it The Human Endeavor (after the last song).   We decided that being concise would be better than stuffing the listener too much.  It was starting to sound redundant to us. The remaining 5 songs were saved and might be released at a later time.

– There were 31 songs demoed for The Human Endeavor.

– Shea Hardin played drums on tracks 4, 5 and 8. He also added drum fills to tracks 6 and 9.

– The first song recorded was Memory Drop (in Dec. ’07).  We heard it and decided to keep going.

– Some of the songs were recorded live with the band and some were recorded straight into the computer over programed beats. Can you tell which ones are which?

-Our original goal was to make the songs sound like “sincere Flaming Lipsish folk rock with lots of spacey sounds going on in the back ground”.  How do you think we did?

– The lyrics to all of the songs are posted somewhere on this blog.  Look  around December 2008.  You’ll have to scroll down and remember that since this is a blog they are posted in reverse order :  Part 3 then Part 2 then Part 1.

– The covers that have been posted on Noise Trade are not the actual cover.  I don’t have the cover scanned into my computer so I’ve been putting other pictures up.  I hope this hasn’t been confusing.  Is there an unwritten rule with records to not change the cover after a certain point?  I don’t know.

– I would like to post 11 bonus tracks soon (once I decide which ones).   Keep checking the Noise Trade page.   And if I happen to forget to do this please go easy on me.  Stuff like this often slips my mind very quickly.


If anybody has any more questions about this album please ask away.  Thanks for downloading!   And if you haven’t gotten it yet then scroll down to the next blog.  There should be a widget there that will help you.

That’s right, I now have a widget.  

I don’t know if I’ve ever had a widget before…

It’s amazing.



Jeff Grant

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