Miracle on Nolensville Rd.

The other night I went into Kroger to pick up some food.  I had exactly fifteen dollars on me.  The plan was to get some frozen stuff and some cereal for the next couple of days.  After I got everything I went over to the self check out line and began ringing everything in.  My total was $15.65.  I was thinking, “Uh oh..”  

I started going through every pocket in my jeans and I came up with about 22 cents.  Still short.  I moved up to my jacket which has about 30 pockets on it.  I went one by one through them and found nothing but tick tacks, my phone, pieces of paper with some stupid, wussy poems written on them and some lint.  Then I had one more pocket and I thought, “Maybe there are a couple of quarters in this one…”

So I reached in thinking I’d really find a couple of pennies and what does my hand pull out?  To my complete shock I looked in my hand and there was a hundred dollar bill in it.  I thought, “Wha-?  What is this?”

And I was about to use it to cover the last 40 or so cents but I suddenly thought, “Wait!  Did I steal this from somewhere without realizing it?  Maybe it’s a fake!”  So I just took some soup off and paid with the cash I knew was clean.

Anyway, all that night I was wondering to myself how in the world a hundred dollar bill snuck into my pocket.  I am very good at losing money but getting money like that… well, let’s just say that money does not usually appear in my pockets out of nowhere like that.

I was trying to think of what I was going to do.  Wherever this money came from, even if perhaps a bank robber was trying to hide some of his loot in my jacket, it was definitely an answer to prayers.  And not any specific prayers like, “God, please send me 100 dollars.”   They were more like, “God, please help me!!!!!!”

Anyway, I bought all four Lethal Weapon movies yesterday.  There was a combo pack thing for only 13 dollars.  So now I am going through the series.  I watched the first one yesterday and the second one early this morning (at around 2:30).  I couldn’t sleep.  

If I ever saw these movies it was a long time ago because I didn’t remember much from those two.  They are extremely violent and crazy.  Mel Gibson has a death wish in the first movie so he is pretty much fearless.  The whole time you’re like, “Oh my gosh…”  And the whole time Danny Glover is like, “I’m gettin’ too old for this!”   

And it’s so strange because you can’t tell if they are friends or not.  Danny Glover doesn’t want to be partners with Mel Gibson.  He just wants to stay at home with his family and work on his boat in peace.  But Mel Gibson is suicidal and angry.  And other cops are like, “He’s crazy… but he’s good.”

The movies are really good because they are filled with action but there is also a lot of funny and sad stuff that happens.  They are like roller coaster rides.

I don’t know what happens in parts 3 and 4 but I guess I’ll soon find out.   


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