Ends with a bucket list and then says, “You can’t dream forever”.

I got an email and a facebook friend request the other day from a girl that I used to know when I was maybe 12 years old.  Her family is really good friends with my uncle’s family so they have always gone on camping trips and stuff together.  When I was younger my own family used to tag along every once in a while.  It’s funny to try to remember her because all of the memories involve jumping on trampolines and playing Hungry Hungry Hippo.  

I think that her and my sister were good friends but I don’t remember much about what we might have done as kids.  Everything I can think of sounds like it’s from some old photo album.  I think her dad saved my life once though.  I think I was about seven and we were all vacationing at some lake in Texas and I was floating out in an innertube that had a plastic bottom under it.  Somehow the thing flipped and I got caught underneath it with my head in the small space inside the thing but beneath the cover thing (is this even making sense?).  Anyway, I remember struggling quite a bit under there and trying to swim and having my seven year old life flash before my eyes before her dad came came over and rescued me.  

 That was an interesting random thing from my childhood to suddenly be reminded of.  

Anyway, she just moved to Nashville about a month ago and we might hang out soon and try to rehash old memories.   

It’s kind of fun.  I am looking forward to getting to talk to somebody who has known me longer than six years (which is how long I’ve lived in Nashville).  Around here all of my friendships are still pretty young and sometimes I forget that I actually had a whole other life in Texas before I moved to this crazy town.  Maybe I’ll feel closer to being a whole person… that would be so cool!

It’s strange to live in a town where you have a lot of friends but to know that probably 90 percent of your friends don’t live in the town you’re in.  That’s how my life is.  I have friends in Nashville but I have so many more in other places.  So sometimes I feel like a guy who is nowhere near anybody he knows and then when I run into other people here in Nashville I always feel like I’m just passing by.  

That can be such a lonely thing.  And I think some people I know in Nashville don’t know that I have a gigantic happy family in Texas that I am always separated from.  To them I’m like some guy that works at Applebee’s and always looks homeless.   I think I FEEL homeless!  I don’t know what I’m doing here most of the time!

Not that I’m wasting my time.  Stuff is happening.  I’ve got a life here.  And I really do enjoy it for what it is.  I definitely miss my family but being away from them helps me to try to make sure my time isn’t getting squandered away, you know?  


I was talking to a friend just a minute ago about U2.  They just came out with a new c.d. (haven’t you heard?).  They are everywhere this week.  On the cover of Rolling Stone, on Good Morning America, on Letterman every night.  So maybe many of us have been meditating on U2 this week.  I think that what they should do is play a show every night and televise it to the whole world.  I would rather watch U2 play every night than the nightly news for sure.  I think that it would make the world better.  It would be like world church every night.  Wouldn’t that be cool?  

Would that ever happen?   

Probably not.  My friend and I were talking about the great communal experience of giant rock shows and about how even the most cynical and hard hearted of us would probably fall down and weep at a U2 show.  I have never been to one but I love watching the concert d.v.d.s.  It’s just so big.  It’s big in ways that most people can’t even imagine.  It is so big it is hard to remember.  

I just wanna see U2 so bad but not on a t.v. or a youtube site.  

I think that if i made a bucket list (of things to do before I “kick the bucket”) I would have to include to see U2 live in real life.  It would be like this:

Jeff Grant’s Practice Bucket List

1) See U2 live.

2) See Radiohead live.

3) Go somewhere very far away for a while.

4) Not use a computer for a long time.

5) Make a movie (I’m already working on this one)

6) Get married to a pretty girl who loves me (this might be possible)

7) Uh… write a lot (already working on this one)


There are more things I wanna do but I have to do other stuff right now.  Can’t dream forever.. Gotta’ move and do stuff right now to get there.

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