: )

I’m doing a twitter page.  Here’s the address:  


Is this a waste of time?  

Yes.  More than likely it is.  It is fun though.  I am currently following a few interesting people and magazines who may or may not update.  With a twitter account you are supposed to get on there and update stuff so people can know what you are doing.  It is kind of dumb but also kind of interesting.  It seems that some very nerdy people with worthwhile observations are on twitter so that makes it kind of cool.

The other day I tried to organize this blog but it got too hard.  I am not good at organizing my writings.  I am good at writing something and then going and doing something else.  

Last night I watched about the first hour of a movie called Michael Clayton with George Clooney. The d.v.d. had a scratch on it and kept freezing up.  It was a good movie though.  I was just starting to get really into it when the d.v.d. froze.

It’s raining today.  I came down to Dunn Brothers coffee shop to meet a friend to try to work on a screenplay idea.  He’s not here.  I am wondering if he’ll come or not.

I think I am hitting a slow place with my writings.  I feel a little tired.  When you write a lot, I’ve got to be honest, you really do get tired of the wound of your own thoughts.  They aren’t funny or cute or insightful.  I think I’m just getting annoyed with myself.  This usually means that it’s time to evolve as a person.  

Writing lately is so much about being still while my brain is running laps around some mysterious loop thing in my imagination.  I can’t tell if it gets anywhere.  And if people get anything out of it I think it’s about the equivalent of one of those spinning things you put in a baby’s crib to keep the baby’s attention.  I feel like I’m one of those things for bored people everywhere… or at least the ones who know where my blog is…

Applebee’s is okay some days.  I seem to enjoy the repetitiveness of it to a certain extent.  Usually by day 4 of the week I am ready to bolt.   I’m not even thinking about money at that point.  

Uh… these thoughts seem a little pointless.  If I have wasted your time I apologize.  

If your life is so boring that my wandering thoughts are entertaining to you… well, I’m glad… but it makes me feel a little sorry for you.


: )

(Putting a smile after something reminds people that you are joking)

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