On my way to the best day of my life

I am not sure if I have anything worth talking about right now.  Not that that ever slowed me down before.   I have a mild headache.  It feels like it’s from sleeping too much or not eating enough.  I got a t.v. antennae for my roommate’s television and now there are about 5 channels that work.  I sat on the couch and watched t.v. for almost the whole day.  I used to do that more when I was a kid. 

It was obviously not a very productive day.  I think i was more interested in the fact that watching t.v. is still possible after forgetting about it for such a long time.  It reminded me of last fall when I suddenly had an epiphany about the radio.  I don’t know why I forget about these things (television and radio).  I think it’s because all I do is watch youtube and d.v.d.s.  

Anyway, I have this headache thing and I’m about to go work at Applebee’s.  I hope I make some money today.  It can be so sparse over there.  I actually get stressed out a little that I am spending so much of my time and not making much money.  I can’t tell if I’m wasting my time..  the bills are getting paid at least.


I watched the Grammy’s last night.  I haven’t watched them in longer than I can remember.  I try to watch the Oscar’s every year but the Grammy’s always come and go before I realize.  I was excited to watch Radiohead.  I think I just realized how little I listen to mainstream music.  Or, I just kept thinking, “Oh, they play that song on the satellite thing at Applebee’s!”  

I was listening to “Chasing Pavements” the other day and I was asking all of my coworkers if that even made sense.  “Maybe ‘chasing pavements’ doesn’t even mean anything!”  

One of my coworkers explained it to me.  Chasing pavements is like walking I guess.  I don’t know.  It still doesn’t make sense to me.  

You know, I am not sure if i even like the Grammy’s.  How do they pick who wins?  The ones I wanted to win didn’t win.  It kept reminding me of all the sides of music that are not interesting to me.  

I’m sorry.  I have a bad attitude, right?

I thought about trying to write a song that’s super positive.  Like a song about how great a day can be.  Then I could sing it and get really happy and energetic.  But I don’t ever believe songs like that.  They seem kind of fake to me.  Anytime there is a dreamy line in a song I want to follow it with a more grounded line. I think they all exist in the same world…

Oh my gosh, it is way too early in the morning to start talking about this kind of junk!  What I need to talk about is how good of a day I’m about to have at Applebee’s and how much money I’m gonna make and how fast I’m gonna be.

Today is gonna be a great day

I’m gonna make a bunch of money

I’m gonna get food to people fast

I’m gonna be really energetic

I’m gonna sweep my floor so well

I’m gonna remember to make refills

I’m going to be a cog in a machine and it is going to be AMAZING!

No other day that I have lived so far will be able to compete with the day I am about to have!

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