Awe yeah! Families in da’ house!

Hi, this is Jeff Grant and I would like to welcome all of the families that are reading this blog together.  I am so glad to get to be a part of your internet family time.  It is not every day that I get to address whole families together.  Isn’t being in a family great?  

There’s nothing like a family…

I bet some of you families have special days that you celebrate together.  That would be a “family tradition”.  

Isn’t it great to get in a car with your family and go eat at a restaurant together?  And then you can go to the grocery store as a family too.

Sometimes families go on vacation together.  They go on long vacations to other states and stuff.  Sometimes they go on short weekend trips to camp sites and lakes and stuff.  

Families can do whatever they want.  

They can play board games together.  

They can put their money together and buy pizza.  

They can clean the house together.

They can drive each other around.

They can watch each other’s backs if one gets in a fight.

They can help each other move. 

They can make family rules and follow them together as a family.

They can go watch football together.

They can go to the mall.

They can go to Hawaii.


Families are so popular!

Everybody loves families!

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